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Ways to Participate in the Million Tree Challenge

Activate your partnership

There are so many ways MTC Partners can make a contribution to London’s Million Tree Challenge. Below is a list of actions you can take that will help get more trees planted and registered in 2020. Take a look and see what you can do this year to activate your Partnership! For more information on any of the Partner activities listed below please email Sheila Creighton, Partnerships and Marketing Manager or phone 519-936-9548 X228.

No Cost

Educate yourself and your staff/members on the importance of tree planting for London.

Give out printed Tree and Shrub brochures to staff and customers – available free for the asking. Here's a digital example of the brochures.

Educate yourself and staff/members about the Million Tree Challenge.

Encourage staff to submit ideas on ways your business or organization can participate in London's Million Tree Challenge.

Encourage and/or challenge staff, clients, suppliers, colleagues, family and friends to get involved. We need everyone to care about creating a healthier, greener city.

Find other businesses or organizations to be MTC Partners. Here's who are already Partners showing their community support!

Put the Million Tree Challenge counter widget on your website. It's as easy as copying and pasting this line of code into your webpage! (please note: remove space between www. and  <script src="http://www."></script>

LIKE the Million Tree Challenge Facebook page and share relevant posts.

Follow @rfldn on Twitter and ReTweet important tweets.

Register your trees planted at

Include Million Tree Challenge information in your company publications.

Create a plan to participate in the Million Tree Challenge.

Display your “Proud Partner” window cling in your place of business.You have one in your Partner Kit but we will gladly send you more if you have spots for them! 

Display and play with the Million Tree Challenge fridge magnet word set. Fun and keeps the challenge top of mind in the lunch room.

Request free Million Tree Challenge bookmarks and distribute them.

Volunteer at tree plantings or aftercare events – a great team-building activity!

Write about the importance of your community partnership in company publications and send us a copy so we can acknowledge you!

Write about the importance of trees, clean air and environmental stewardship.Here are some great tree resources you can start with!

Put the MTC logo on your company emails.Find them here to download or we can send you any logos you require.

Put the Proud Partner graphic on your website or Facebook. Find it here to download or we can send you any graphics you require.

Play the MTC 1-minute animation on company screens. We will gladly send you a CD with the animation in .wmv format. See it here!

Offer display space within your company to post MTC posters, flyers, and tree information. We will happily send you posters, flyers in either print or digital fomrat so you can print your own. Just email us for your copies!

Offer to distribute MTC information at events and trade shows. Just let us know when your event is and we'll make sure you have some material to give out to intereested parites.

Share your ideas and successes with others to inspire them to join the Million Tree Challenge.

Promote MTC events and opportunities to your staff. Forward the monthly enewsletter to your staff and ask them to share it too!

Low – Medium Cost

Give the gift of trees to clients, suppliers, and colleagues.

Give the gift of trees to employees to celebrate accomplishments and milestones.

Have staff fundraise for ReForest London to go toward the Million Tree Challenge.

Donate funds of any amount to ReForest London to go toward the Million Tree Challenge.

Host a Tree Depot.

Plant trees on your property.

Sponsor a community event Seedling Giveaway - starts at only $200

Sponsor a Tree. Only $25 each

Create a treed ‘outdoor lunch room’ for your employees.

Host a native tree seedling giveaway event

Purchase trees for all interested employees to plant in their yards.

Offer incentives for employees to plant trees and record them at

Attend a nursery tree sale and purchase trees for your business to plant.

Write about your participation and initiatives to give back to the community.

Celebrate Earth Day, National Tree Day and National Forest Week with a tree-related activity.

Have internal challenges to employees to plant trees and offer incentives.

Donate prizes to the Million Tree Challenge for use in MTC promotions.

Form a Million Tree Challenge Committee to raise funds or for tree planting projects.

Donate applicable in-kind services, products & resources to ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge.

Plant trees in honour of employee or company milestones.

Plant trees in memory of staff, clients, suppliers, or anyone you would like to honour.

Plan and host team-building events for staff that involve tree planting.

Volunteer with a staff group at a public Aftercare event.

Plan a  private business Aftercare team building event ($500 donation)

Sponsor part of a Tree Depot ($2,500 or $1,000)

Challenge colleagues to a Park Planting project and share the cost ($5,500).

Become a Million Tree Challenge Sponsor or ReForest London Sponsor.

$5,000+ Investment

Pay for a tree planting project on your property. Increase your property value and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Pay for a Park Naturalization project.

Sponsor a Tree Depot!

Plant caliper trees on your property.

Donate money directly to ReForest London/Million Tree Challenge.

Become an ongoing Sponsor of the ReForest London/Million Tree Challenge.

Donate applicable in-kind services and resources to the Million Tree Challenge.