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Trees in Celebration and in Memory


The next Celebration Forest event will take place on September 9, 11 and 12, 2021.


Established in May 2011, the Celebration Forest is an ongoing naturalization project sponsored by donors who wish to plant trees in memory or in celebration of loved ones.  The forest is located in London, Ontario, adjacent to the Westminster Ponds Environmentally Significant Area, behind St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Parkwood Institute. Each year, hundreds of trees are planted in memory and in celebration, making a living, breathing monument to its Honourees. 

What’s Included:

Each Celebration Forest Tree Gift is a healthy native tree, grown from local seed.

Donors receive the gratification of giving a meaningful and unique gift to someone special that makes a positive and lasting impact on the environment.  In addition, donors will receive:

  • The opportunity to send a free personal message to the gift recipient in the form of an e-card, print card, or printable certificate.
  • A Charitable Tax Receipt for the full amount of their donation.
  • An invitation to the Tree Planting Ceremony to see first-hand what their donation has helped to create.

Tree Gift Honourees enjoy a meaningful gift that makes a lasting benefit to the environment, as well as the following:

  • A personalized e-card, print card, or certificate (chosen by Donor) to memorialize your gift.
  • Invitations to the Tree Planting Ceremony for you, your friends, and family to plant your tree.

Celebration Forest Sign

Businesses use the tree gift program to recognise clients as well as employees:

  • Darrin Pollard, Director, Business Development at RBC Place London noted, "We are thrilled to play a small role in reforesting London. Our clients respect and appreciate the recognition we give them by planting a tree in their honour. Although many are not able to attend the annual ceremony they are always very happy to receive the certificate we produce for them to symbolize their conference or event."

The 2021 Tree Planting Ceremony for the Celebration Forest will be held on September 9, 11 and 12, 2021.

Note: All orders must be placed on or before Sunday, August 15, 2021 to be included in the 2021 planting event. All orders placed after this date will be included in the 2022 planting event.


Order a Tree in Celebration or in Memory

Plant a tree in celebration of a holiday, birthday, or any occasion and improve the environment.     Plant a tree in memory of a loved one, friend or co-worker with nature's gift of a living legacy.  
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Questions?  Contact the Tree Gift Coordinator at 519-936-9548 x221 for assistance or click here to see "Frequently Asked Questions."