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Tree Teachers

Learn More About Trees

Trained volunteer Tree Teachers can give a 30 minute presentation to your organization for free. These presentations are ideal for:

  • Lunch and learns at businesses or corporations
  • Community groups and non-profit organizations
  • Service club meetings
  • Grade 6 and up classes


Choose from three topics:

Value of Trees Pointer

The Value of Trees

Since the beginning, trees have given us two of life’s essentials: food and oxygen. Learn more about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of trees in this dynamic presentation.

Native Trees Pointer

Native Trees for Your Yard

Native species are easier to maintain, provide habitat for wildlife, and help maintain local biodiversity. Learn about great native trees to plant in your yard in this illustrated presentation.

Emerald Ash Borer Pointer

The Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer has devastated Ash trees in Southwestern Ontario and the U.S. Learn more about this destructive pest and how you can protect your trees.

London’s Million Tree Challenge calls on Londoners to plant one million trees – in yards, parks, schoolyards and commercial/industrial areas – so we can all enjoy the benefits of trees. Million Tree Challenge Partners can engage in the Challenge by inviting our Tree Teachers to your organization.

Book your presentation today by contacting [email protected] or by calling 519-936-9548 x 221.