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Tree Specialist


Tree Specialist

"It's an amazing way for me to give back to my hometown - and learn about trees to boot!"
~ Phil Brewster

Tree Specialists are our go-to people for tree planting and tree giveaway events.

They are our knowledgeable tree planters who help out at plantings, aftercare events and tree depots. Tree Specialists lend a helping hand to less experienced volunteers and help ReForest London staff run the events smoothly.

Tree Specialist training familiarizes our volunteers with various native tree species and the importance of proper tree planting techniques. You will receive an I Dig Trees t-shirt after your first event as a certified Tree Specialist! 


  • Helping staff lead tree planting, aftercare and tree depot events
  • Providing new volunteers with instruction on proper tree planting
  • Helping new volunteers identify trees
  • Helping to set up and take down
  • Providing quality assurance and fixing any trees planted improperly
  • Other special event requests as needed

Time Commitment 
Must attend two shifts a year (or more).

ReForest London Orientation Training (1 hour)
This is our basic introduction training for all volunteers who are interested in getting more involved with our organization. This training session familiarises you with our organization, our goals, and provides information on our volunteer opportunities. We also introduce you to native trees and how to plant them. We ask new volunteers to take this class before continuing on to other training sessions.

  • ReForest London Orientation consists of one 1 hour classroom session.
  • You do NOT need to take this Orientation to be able to participate in our Tree Planting and Aftercare events.
  • Check out the Powerpoint Presentation before or after the training for more information.

Tree Specialist Training (3 parts)
Training includes an overview of Tree Specialist duties, common planting mistakes, and tree identification skills. We want you to become a go-to person for tree planting at our events, and this training will prepare you for that role.

  • Prerequisite: Please take ReForest London Orientation before attending this training
  • Time Commitment:Tree Specialist Training consists of 2 hour classroom training session and one 2 hour Tree Identification hike. After the training, we will send you an online quiz to complete.
  • Our Expectations: If you become a Tree Specialist, we expect you to assist at FOUR shifts a year (but feel free to do more)
  • Training Frequency: Once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Additional Resources:
If you have completed the Tree Specialist training, and want to learn more, or brush up on tree information, please click here.

No previous experience required.


  • Ability to work well with others is an asset 
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Enthusiastic about tree planting 
  • Some tree species background is an asset 

Other Requirements

  • Physically capable of shoveling, carrying mulch buckets, and planting trees 
  • Capable of lifting 10 pounds or more
  • Access to a vehicle may be useful but is not required

Complementary Roles
If you are interested in this volunteer role then you may also want to check out our Tree Planter and Tree Aftercare Assistant roles. 

To Apply
Please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate “Tree Specialist” as area of interest.

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