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Seeds to Forest: Home School Edition

ReForest London has developed an online version of our “Seeds to Forest” tree and nature education program, with a selection of hands-on, at-home activities, broken down into two broad age categories: Kindergarten to grade 3 and grades 4 to 8. Some activities are designed to be done independently by kids, while others can be done with the help of an adult. Themes include:

  • Activity worksheets focused on nature and the environment
  • Learning how to choose a tree for your yard
  • Simple tree identification
  • Backyard DIY soil testing 
  • Invasive species activities 
  • Species-at-risk poster creation
  • Wildlife watching activities
  • Backyard habitat assessment (how to create backyard habitat)
  • Backyard tree care & health assessments
  • Colouring sheets, word searches, nature-based crafts

Activities can be done at home, in your local park or your backyard, and all are welcome to participate! 


Winter-Friendly Activities

Kindergarten to Grade 3:

Winter Bingo - Take a Bingo sheet with you as you go for a walk in the woods or in your neighbourhood, and see how many natural items you can find. (PNGs)

My Tree Book - Think about a tree in your yard, or nearby on your street. Bring your paper and pencil with you to the tree and learn a bit more about it. (PDF)

Take a Walk with Nature - Take a walk in nature and think about what nature means to you, then see how nature affects your senses! (PDF)

The Lorax - Read, watch, or listen to The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Complete the pollution activities and make a pledge to protect the Earth. (PDF)

Animal Bingo - Take a look outside your window or in a nearby park for some of these common Ontario animals. Can you guess which ones are native and which ones are non-native? (PDF)

Our Local Forests - Our local forests are so important.Let's talk about how trees are important to the planet and us! Help Smokey the Bear keep our forests clean with this colouring sheet.

The Dirt Under Your Feet -  Soil is not just dirt but a rich source of life. Let's learn about what makes up this import part of the ecosystem. (PDF)

Tree Investigation - Let's examine the two different kinds of classifications for trees!  (PDF)

Animal Classification - Scientist classify animals into different groups based off of similar physical characteristics. Let's discover how to classify these animals! (PDF)

Human and Animal Interaction - Let's explore how animals can benefit humans and how humans can help protect animals.(PDF)

Growth and Changes in Living Things - Let's learn about the difference between baby animals and their adult parents. You can also practice your writing with this activity. (PDF)

Animal Adaptations - this activity will explore the behavioral characteristics that allow animals to survive in their homes year round. (PDF)

Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Let's examine how the monarch butterfly changes through out its life (PDF)

All About Plants and Soil- Explore how most plants have similar parts to each other and how they work together with soil to better our local environment. (PDF)


Grades 4 to 8:

Web of Life - Explore the forest ecosystem and the food webs that connect organisms to each other. (PDF) 

Where Does Our Wood Come From? Part 1 - Learn about the many uses of trees for all sorts of everyday materials and products. (PDF) Instructions and Activity Sheet.

Learning About Photosynthesis - Learn all about how plants make their own food! Look at the picture to help you fill in the blanks at the bottom of the page.(PDF)

Where Does Our Wood Come From? Part 2 - Learn about the many uses of trees for all sorts of everyday materials and products. There are two sheets for this activity, the Instructions and the Activity Sheet

Not Wanted Poster - Research an invasive species in Ontario. Create a 'Wild West' style poster - showing the species that is NOT wanted - get creative! Share photos of your poster with us after (PDF) 

Kitchen Landfill- Even though a garbage truck takes your family's household garbage away, it never really goes away. Lets examine what effect all the waste we create has on nature (PDF)

Nature's Treasure Chest - Nature provides a treasure chest of renewable resources. Discover how to recycle an important forest resource. (PDF)

Waste Not Want Not - This is all about natures way of recycling, breaking down natural materials so that it can be used again (PDF)

The Nature of Trees - We are going to learn about the relationship between the function and parts of a tree and the similarities to how our bodies work. (PDF)

Photosynthesis Worksheet - we are going to look a little more closely at how trees and plants create their food to sustain them. (PDF)

Food Chains - in this activity we will look at how energy flows through food webs in nature.(PDF)


Crafts and Fun Activities:

Forest Animals Colouring Page -  After a walk through your local park or after spending some time in your backyard, did you see any of the animals in this colouring sheet? Colour in this activity sheet and share your finished artwork with us on Facebook! (PDF)

Tree Guardian Poster (Team version) - Help spread the word that a Tree Guardian lives in your neighborhood! You can use one of our poster templates or use the blank poster to create your own! (PDF)

Tree Guardian Poster (girl version) (PDF)

Tree Guardian Poster (boy version) (PDF)

Tree Guardian Poster (blank version) (PDF)

Tree Word Search - How many trees and tree related words can you find in this word search (PDF)

Pinecone Bird Feeder Craft (PDF)

The Lorax Colouring Sheet- What words of inspiration do you think the Lorax would want to say to your neighborhood? (PDF)

Painted rock collection - Painted rocks have become one of the most addictive crafts for kids and adults! Grab your acrylic paints,  a bottle of Mod Podge, a few paint brushes, and have fun creating forest animals or insects! (PDF)

Sunset Watch - Go outside, or to your window, a little before the sun is supposed to set. Do you see any different animals moving around during twilight? (PDF)
Blue Jay Colouring Sheet - Here is a colouring sheet of the very popular Blue Jay. (PDF)
Sugar Maple Colouring Sheet - Here is a colouring sheets of the wonderful Sugar Maple Tree (PDF)
Red Maple Colouring Sheet - Take this colouring sheet with you and see if you can tell the difference between the Red and Sugar Maples in your neighbourhood. (PDF) 
Northern Red Cardinal Colouring Sheet-  These birds are easy to spot in the winter as they stand out against the white snow but are harder to see in the summer. (PDF)
Tree Crossword -  can you complete the tree crossword? Use the clues to help you fill in the crossword! (PDF)

St. Kateri students planting acorns with ReForest London in 2019

Warm Weather Activities

Kindergarten to Grade 3:

Neighbourhood Bingo - simple bingo sheet you can do oustide in your yard or neighbourhood. (PDF)

Parts of a Tree - Use the diagram to label the parts of the tree, then match the tree part to the correct definition. (PDF)

Comparing Flowers and Trees - What are the differences between flowers and trees? Read the fact, then mark whether it is true for flowers, trees, or both. Draw us your favorite flower and tree you have seen over the past few weeks (PDF)

Spring Colour Bingo - Walk around your neighbourhood looking for these spring colours as the flowers and leaves begin to emerge (PDF)

Leaf Matching - Can you match the leaf shapes to their other halves? Take your worksheet outside and see if you can match the leaves to real tree leaves (PDF)

Creating Better Soil- this activity explores how composting benefits soil and includes a word search all about the creatures that live in soil. (PDF)


Grades 4 to 8:

Celebrating Biodiversity - learning about how connected our environrment is. (PDF) 

Adding a Tree to Your Yard Guidebook and WorkSheets - This guide has been developed to help you choose the right tree for your yard, and determine where it should be planted so that it has the best chance of surviving for years to come! (PDF)

Powerful Pollinators - Learn all about pollinators and why we depend on them. Create a bee bath for your own yard!

Tree Investigation - You are a reporter for the Galactic News. Investigate a tree and write a newspaper article about why trees are important in human neighbourhoods (PDF)

Backyard Habitat Part 1 - Let's explore making your backyard or local park a better habitat for native animals.  

Backyard Habitat Part 2 - Animals are all different and need different habitats to survive. Let's look at what these animals need to call a space home. (PDF)

Investigating Trees with Technology - There is lots of technology that can help you learn about the trees, shrubs and even flowers that live in your neighbourhood. 


Crafts and Fun Activities:

Recycling Critter Craft - Spring is the time when all the creepy crawly little creatures come out to explore. This Egg Carton Caterpillar is a fun and easy project that recycles old egg cartons. (PDF)

Backyard Scavenger Hunt - Take this one page backyard scavenger hunt outside and see how many of these natural items you can find? (PDF)
Butterfly Puddler - It’s easy to create a watering station or wet area in your garden for butterflies.
Suncatcher Craft - Use your favorite coloring pages to create these pretty little summer crafts (PDF).

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