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School yard and Church Naturalization

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Tree Captain

MatthewCaptain Matthew Juszczynski is a catalyst with a vision. Before his children were even born he knew he wanted their school, St. Roberts, to have trees. His parish, Mary Immaculate was immediately south of the school, sharing an area that could one day be a forest. Enlisting the help of ReForest London, the school, the parish and after writing many grant applications, Matthew’s vision became a reality.

This fall, after over a year of work, both the school yard and parish property naturalization was completed. The line dividing St. Robert School and Mary Immaculate Parish was flat lawn. The only vegetation in the area was a row of three mature Norway Maples. Now a variety of native species, proudly planted by the students will become their forest, providing for generations to come the benefits that Captain Matthew wanted for his own children.