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School Curriculum Materials

Tree Related Lesson Plans & Seedling Growing Guidelines


Thanks for checking out our School Curriculum Materials Page! 


Seed to Forest Program:

Seedling Growing Instructions for teachers

Seedling Growth Chart - English

Seedling Growth Chart - French 


School Curriculum Package:

SeedlingReForest London is pleased to present our collection of tree-related lesson plans. These plans were developed by teachers who completed the Education program at Western University, and edited and enhanced by experienced teachers. We have also included a selection of other lesson plans that were developed by others. 

We hope that they are useful to you as you strive to introduce trees into your classroom and “outdoor classroom” learning. We welcome feedback you can give us on how to improve them and make them more useful to educators and children. 

 Please share & Reproduce these lessons as you wish.  

  Lesson Plans - Grades 1-11  (.pdf File, 7.83MB)  

  • This file contains all lesson plans for Grades 1-11. Lesson plans are organized by grouping (Grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9, 10, and 11). 


External Links to Teaching Resources

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Additional Learning Materials 



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