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Jan. 2, 2018

Police Screening

All staff and volunteers are required to provide a police check if they will be leading events with vulnerable groups. Where this police check has been officially requested by our organization, we will reimburse the staff or volunteer for the expense. A copy of the police check will be kept in the individual’s personnel file.

Health, Safety, and Harassment

1. All Employees must report any concerns of workplace violence or sexual harassment to their supervisor, so safety plans can be created and ReForest London can make appropriate accommodations to keep their employees safe.

Sexual Harassment is defined as: engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker, in a workplace because of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression where the course of comment or conduct is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.

2. The supervisor will share any job specific safety hazards to an employee during orientation.

Complaints Process

1. ReForest London will initiate an investigation for all workplace violence and sexual harassment claims within 2 business days of 4 hours from receiving the complaint.

2. The investigation process will include, but not limited to:

a. The employee who made the complaint will be notified once the investigation starts. 

b. Interviewing participants/ witnesses, taking photos of evidence, review of job descriptions, review of any security footage, engaging external resources if necessary.

c. Notes will be taken throughout the investigation and any additional resources will be kept.

d. All employees are expected to fully cooperate with the investigation process.

e. A decision will be shared with the employee who issued the complaint within the week. If additional time is required to complete the investigation, this will be communicated to employee who issued the complaint.

f. If misconduct is deemed to have taken place following the investigation, ReForest London’s Discipline policy will be followed.


We are in the process of developing a policy specific to concussions, which will be posted here soon.

Staff: Job Descriptions, Orientation & Training

A written job description shall be developed for each Employee position. The Executive Director’s job description shall be prepared by the Board. All other job descriptions shall be prepared by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Employee holding that position (if applicable).

A job description shall include the following: 

a) job title

b) qualifications required

c) salary range

d) hours to be worked

e) overall responsibilities and goals, with some specific tasks provided as examples

f) accountability and supervisory responsibilities

g) agreement that hours worked will be averaged over the calendar year for the purposes of determining entitlement, if any, to overtime pay

2. An agreement similar to an Employee’s job description shall be developed for some Contractors and shall form the basis of the contractual agreement with ReForest London. The Executive Director is responsible for approving these agreements.

3. Job descriptions shall be reviewed at least every two years and updated as required, with the goal of keeping a clear documented understanding between Employer and Employee of the expectations of the Employee. 

4. A copy of the job description shall be filed by the Executive Director in the appropriate personnel file, and a copy shall be given to the relevant Employee.

Orientation: ReForest London shall maintain an Orientation List, the content of which will reviewed with each new employee by his/her supervisor over the first few days of employment.

Orientation will include an examination of the position job description and ReForest London’s Human Resources Policy.

The Orientation List shall be completed as it is reviewed with the Employee and shall be signed by Employee and Supervisor upon completion. A copy will be given to the Employee and a copy retained in Employee’s Personnel File.

Orientation training will include an overview of AODA customer service requirements, workplace violence, sexual harassment, and specific safety hazards for the role.

Professional Development: the Executive Director will ensure that each Employee considers a professional development plan for each calendar year. Professional development activities may include formal courses, or targetted activities or areas of focus as part of the employee regular work plan.

Volunteer: Job Descriptions, Orientation & Training

A written job description shall be developed for each Volunteer position. Volunteer training shall consist of on-site training at events for “pop-up” volunteers and in-house training sessions for “Core Volunteers” such as our Tree Specialists, Community Liaisons, Tree Blitzers, etc. All Core Volunteers will be required to attend a ReForest London Orientation Session prior to taking more advanced training workshops. Advanced training workshops may be comprised of any combination of presentations, skills development activities, tree identification hikes and quizzes.

All volunteers attending a training event shall be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the training through a post-event survey.

The ReForest London Community Engagement Coordinator, in consultation with other program staff, shall be responsible for identifying further professional development opportunities related to our work that may be of interest to our volunteers, and to share these opportunities with them as appropriate.

Other Policies

Our work is further guided by our bylaws, HR policy, Advocacy policy, and Board Roles and Responsibilities document.


If you have any questions about ReForest London's policies, please feel free to contact Amber Cantell, Director of Programs, at 519-936-9548 x224.