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Plant and Win

Plant & Win!

Have you planted a tree on your property in London, Ontario since the Million Tree Challenge started in 2011? If so, you can enter a photo of your tree to win a weekly prize of $200 or a grand prize of $500!

Thank you to our Million Tree Challenge Partners - City of London, M&T Printing Group and Robinson Mitsubishi for making this contest possible.

Here's How To Enter

1  Take a photo of your planted tree - it can be just the tree, you and your tree, your kids and your tree or even your pets and your tree

2  Register your tree in London's Million Tree Challenge at - if you haven't already.

3  Post your tree photo to *social media using one of the following methods:

For Facebook - post your photo to ReForest London's Facebook page                         (

For Twitter - tweet your photo using the hashtag #EveryLondonerPlant and tag @rfldn

For Instagram - post your photo using the hashtag #EveryLondonerPlant

* If you do not have social media accounts and wish to still enter, please send an email with your image to [email protected] and put #EveryLondonerPlant as your subject. By doing so, you agree that ReForest London can use your image on social media or in other publiciy.


  • Plant & Win Contest runs from September 22 - October 27, 2018
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter
  • Maximum 1 photo entry per tree, to a maximum of 5 trees photos/entries total, per person
  • You must follow the above posting instructions to be eligible
  • By posting your tree image(s) on social media you agree to our contest rules and to ReForest London/Million Tree Challenge sharing your tree photos on social media
  • By entering, you also agree that ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge can use your entered image(s) for publicity purposes without compensation or payment to you for their use
  • A weekly draw of $200 will be made from all tree photos shared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a grand prize of $500 on October 29th from all eligible tree photos received. Weekly prize winners are included in the grand prize draw.
  • Staff & Board members of ReForest London are not eligible to win.
  • Any tree planted on your property since 2011 counts!
  • Good luck and get planting!