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Volunteers help with Spring Cleaning! Find out how you can get involved with ReForest London.
Students across London are growing seedlings to support London's Million Tree Challenge
Thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted, called or spoke to their Councillor in support for the Urban Forest Strategy in the 2015 Budget. Your help was essential to achieving the $175,000 of funding for the Urban Forest Strategy, which will begin the implementation of the Urban Forest Strategy. 
Our volunteer this month is Cynthia Zhang, and recent graduate of Fanshawe College.
This month in the Spotlight: Tammy who is one of our awesome Tree Gurus and most avid volunteers
Some big decisions are being made a City Hall and we need your voice to ensure trees are a priority in the upcoming City Budget 2015.
This month in the Volunteer Spotlight: Vanessa is a Board Member and the Marketing Committee Chair
EnviroWestern invites ReForest London staff member, Melanie Columbus, to speak on the value of trees to human health and the economy.
Are real trees or fake trees better for the environment?
This month in the Volunteer Spotlight: Elise Budden a volunteer on Rotary Exchange from Australia.