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National Volunteer Week 2019

ReForest London would not exist without the thousands of hours devoted by volunteers each year. People of all ages assist by planting trees, caring for trees, giving out trees, representing ReForest London at community events, contributing on several committees, assisting in the office and more. Last year, engaged citizens took action over 5,300 times, providing over 11,600 hours of service. This is equivalent to having four additional full-time staff! This shows that our capacity is greatly increased, allowing us to do more than we could ever do without them.

National Volunteer Week, from April 7-13, 2019, is all about recognizing the collective efforts of volunteers who take local action that better position our communities for a sustainable future. Together, volunteers lead neighbourhood activities, lift our collective confidence and help us solve common issues.

Volunteer Canada's theme this year is "Lifting Communities." The image of the hot air balloons in many shapes, colours and sizes represents the diversity of community volunteers, and demonstrates that when people volunteer together, the sky is the limit!

For more about National Volunteer Week, click here.

National Volunteer Week