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Invasive Species Week

February 24th to the 28th, 2020 is Invasive Species Week. Invasive species are those that come from somewhere outside an area (for example, imported accidentally or intentionally from another country or region) and quickly outcompete the plants and/or animals native to the area.

Invasive species are a growing problem in Canada, so much so that in many communities they have actually become the most common types of trees in the area.

Sadly, this is also true of London, where it is now two invasive species that hold the title for "most common tree" - European Buckthorn (by number of stems) and Norway Maple (by total size).

European Buckthorn

Photo: European Buckthorn

Some Fast Facts About Invasives

  • Invasive plants are responsible for the decline of at least 44 species at risk, and threaten numerous habitats and ecosystems in Canada.
  • Invasives cost the agricultural sector in Canada $2.2 billion each year.
  • On average, a new invasive species is introduced to Canada every two years. And once they're here, they're here to stay.

To learn how to identify some common invasive plant species in London and what to do about them, click here