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Neighbourhood Tree Captain Resources

This page links you to all of the resources that you have or will recieve as a part of your training as a Neighbourhood Tree Captain. Feel free to share the information with your neighbourhood and lets get more trees in the ground!

Neighbourhood Tree Captain Menu of Activitiescover

I. Literature Distribution

II. The Green Wagon Program

III. Tree Blast

IV. Seedling Station

V. Seedling Giveaway

VI. Tree Sales

VII. Assessing Locations

VIII. Community Events

Resources created by our Captains:

Captain Rene's tree map of the Normal School Grounds

Captain Rene's Sparks Pocket Park

Captain Matthew's St. Robert's Project with tons of grant ideas included

Reforest London and City Resources

Native Trees for your yard

Neighbourhood Tree Captain

Why Plant Trees

How to Plant a Tree

Definition of a tree

Million Tree Challenge Poster

Choosing the right tree

Tree guards

Tree mulch

Forestry Terms

Transplanting a Tree

List of area Nurseries

12 Tree Planting Guidelines