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Mother's Day Plant Sale

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

This past Friday, May 8th 2015, ReForest London volunteers and staff enjoyed a very nice sunny day at the front door of London Food Co-op for the 4th Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sales, together with Food Not Lawns London. It began on Friday afternoon from 4 to 7, and ended on Saturday May 9th at 3:00pm. Baby Paw Paw and Nannyberry seedlings were given away at the event.

This two-day sale event is important to ReForest London because it will support the Million Tree Challenge. It offers opportunities to send out seedlings to people and raised public awareness of tree planting. The sale attracted neighbourhood residents, who stopped by and picked some plants for their gardens. 

A special thank you to Ian McCann, Neighbourhood Tree Captain volunteer, who brought his family to the event and shared some of his ideas about possible tree planting plan for the Old East Village. He suggested taking advantage of the spacious corner at Adelaide Street North and Princess Avenue for tree planting, which would be a good proposal for the city or a community group.

ReForest London would like to recognize its volunteers for their engagement in making a greener city, whether it’s promoting ReForest London’s tree initiatives, giving away trees, or planting trees!

Ian McCann with his son, Jesse

Baby Paw Paw trees and Nannyberries were given away at the event.

Report by Cynthia Zhang