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A Mission and a Mountain of Mulch - Aftercare 2015

Project type: 
Tree Care and Maintenance

Reporter: Candida Carr-Harris

On one of August's hottest evenings to date, it was twenty adventurous volunteers who met in Gibbons Park to care for ReForest London's 2014 naturalization project.  People picked out protective gloves and well-used spades while Elizabeth, our team co-ordinator, filled us in on what was ahead. The City of London had delivered a large pile of mulch which may have raised the eyebrows of the initiate among us, but didn't last long once the work had begun, and rows of white, mulch-filled pails lined the site.  Our task was labour-intensive but simple: weed out competitive grasses around each tree, encircle them with mulch, and check the plastic rings, or collars, placed at their base. That didn't deter some people from inventing their own ways of doing things, like one volunteer who organized a small group effort for each tree, having twice as much fun in a fraction of the time.

Beyond the task we shared, though, what bonded us together were our various reasons for being there, all in some way stemming from an active commitment to RFL's efforts and goals. 

Misa, who has been with RFL for three years now, continues to donate her time to multiple projects because of her love for London, her appreciation of nature, and her desire to bring those two things together whenever she can.

Sarah, who found out about us through the London Environmental Network, often bikes city trails, and knew she wanted to be hands on with promoting nature in our parks and on our bike trails.  'I like, too, that ReForest London offers me variety in volunteering roles' she says, 'and that they have well established goals they keep track of'.

LeeAnn, who was attending her second event in as many days, is thrilled that she's already 'making the world a healthier place, one project at a time'.

Because of her efforts, and those of all the rest of us there, we were able to care for approximately half the trees at the site, with the other half scheduled for aftercare in the spring of next year.  A huge thank you to everyone for coming out, and see you at the next event!




Good to Know...

  • The site is located at the north-eastern section of the park, near the tennis courts
  • Aftercare is an important part of maintaining a naturalization project because we do not water the trees
  • The trees we cared for included maples and oaks, and all were indigenous to Southwestern Ontario