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Million Tree Graphics

Here are logos and graphics that you can download and use to promote the Million Tree Challenge and your involvement with it. They can be used on your website, in social media or blog posts, in your newsletter, or in any trade publications you might have.  

Just right click (PC) or Ctrl click (MAC) and Save Image As...It's easy and quick. 

Please do not distort, alter or re-size them. If you require a different size or layout, simply let us know and we will send them to you.

We also request that you send us a link to, or copy of, the communications using the graphics so we can properly acknowledge you for promoting the Million Tree Challenge!

Million Tree Challenge logo - pngMillion Tree Challenge logo - web Million Tree Challenge logo - jpgMillion Tree Challenge logo - jpg
Proud Partner web banner - 500 pxMillion Tree Challenge Proud Partner web banner - 500 px Help Plant Trees web banner - 500 pxHelp Plant One Million Trees web banner - 500 px
Proud Partner button - pngMillion Tree Challenge Proud Partner web button Also available: (Contact us for a copy)

Proud Partner web banner - 1000 px

Proud Partner banner - Print

Help Plant Trees web banner - 1000 px

Tree Counter Widget Javascript - pdf

Proud Partner Tagline Copy - pdf