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Industrial Land Planting

 Grow Your Business with Trees

You only need a bit of available land and an interest in improving your property. ReForest London and its partners will supply everything else you need: help selecting and designing, expertise in selecting tree species, supply and delivery of the trees, and all the logistics of the planting on the day of.

Virtually all businesses and industry have areas of their property where there are no plans for future development and which would benefit from additional trees. Participation with this tree planting initiative has many benefits your company can realize:

  • Cost-effective means of improving company image and property values
  • Reduced landscaping, heating and cooling costs
  • Improved employee engagement and team building through a “planting day”
  • Beautiful treed area amenity for employee lunches or breaks
  • Clear demonstration that your business is community-minded
  • Participation in all media and marketing associated with this program and recognition through the Million Tree Challenge
  • City of London will also contribute by planting boulevard trees where appropriate 

You contribute a little and get a lot back!

Work with ReForest London or local conservation authorities, who can expertly plan and implement all aspects of the project.

You will be surprised how little space is needed to create a mini-woodland and generate great benefits for your property, employees, community and London's environment.

Let’s talk about how we can add some trees to your property today.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of this program, please contact Sheila Creighton [email protected] or 519-936-9548 x228


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