How to Water a Tree

London’s Trees Need Your Help 

Tree planters planting treeDry conditions are a major cause of tree stress and can lead to permanent damage, especially in young trees. Unlike grass, trees do not go dormant during times of drought; they continue to try to grow. Global climate change is projected to increase the intensity, duration and frequency of dry events, therefore, watering your trees is an important step to help them establish and live a long, healthy life!

It is important to water your trees during the growing season from May until September, which only costs $1.40 for watering weekly for 5 months.

Did you know?
Trees need water, even in the Fall, to be healthy and strong going into winter, especially evergreens.

Trees give us such value for minimal care – they clean the air we breathe, and provide much-needed shade. Trees increase property values and lower heating and cooling costs. Trees also help make neighbourhoods safer, increase walkability, as well as make your street beautiful.



Learn How to Water a Tree

Water your trees, especially trees planted in the last two years.

Like all plants, trees need regular water. Newly planted trees that are trying to establish themselves and recover from the shock of being transplanted are especially susceptible to dry conditions. 

Watering a tree slowly and deeply is best.

1) One easy way to do this is to turn a hose on very low and leave it at the base of the tree for 30-60 minutes, or use a soaker hose coiled around the "drip line" of the tree. 

2) Another way is to drill 2-3 holes (3/16 inch holes or less) in the base of a 20 litre (5 gallon) bucket. Fill the bucket and walk away, allowing the water to drain slowly into the soil. 


Cost to Water your Tree

• 2.5 cm of water per week (5 gallon bucket)

• 1 bucket per week costs, 7 cents per week

• Water your trees weekly during the growing season from May until September, which only costs $1.40

• Trees need water, even in the Fall, to be healthy and strong going into winter, especially evergreens.


Add Mulch Around Your Tree to Retain Moisture

Why Mulch? 

Mulch helps reduce competition to keep weeds and grass from growing around the tree, which retains moisture in the soil and helps water reach the tree roots. Additionally, mulch keeps lawn mowers and weed whackers from the tree. 

How to Mulch?

1) Keep your trees mulched with about 4 inches deep of mulch and at least a half-metre around your tree. 

2) The best way to mulch a newly planted tree is to create a donut shape with the mulch, keeping the mulch from touching the base of the tree. 

3) You can also use a plastic tree collar to protect the tree from weed whackers and rodents. Just be sure to remove it when the tree is larger, so it doesn't damage the bark.


ReForest London Tree Care Programs

  Summer Aftercare Programs
ReForest London provides aftercare every summer (July and August) to past tree planting locations to help maintain the health of the trees by engaging volunteers from the community to remove invasive species, adding mulch around trees, weeding around trees, adding and/or removing tree collars, and applying deer repellent. 

Join us by volunteering to care for trees this summer at our aftercare events held in July and August.  


  Celebration Forest Trees
The Celebration Forest is a remote site, with most areas inaccessible by watering truck. Trees that have been planted in the Celebration Forest are provided aftercare every summer. Part of our volunteer-based annual aftercare of Celebration Forest includes pruning dead branches, re-mulching and buckthorn removal.
Due to the recent dry conditions, the public is invited to get water from our office and care for a particular tree if they wish. They can also apply more mulch around a tree to reduce grassy competition and to shade the soil from drying out.