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Going green with the team from the RBC Blue Water Project at Garibaldi Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

In 2015, we received a grant from the RBC Blue Water Project to support tree planting projects in four sites (Garibaldi Park, South Branch Park, Graham Place Park and White Oaks Park) near London waterways and wetlands. And not only did RBC kick in the funds for these projects, but for Garibaldi, they brought the people too! We had a fantastic day last June planting 286 native trees and shrubs with 64 members of RBC team at Garibaldi Park in northeast London, in a spot immediately adjacent to the marsh that makes up most of the park.

While we always try and take photos at our events, RBC decided to celebrate the event by making a video of this "Blue Water Makeover" event (which even got aired on Weather Network!), which was pretty amazing - you can check it out on youtube here (and feel as if you were there)!

Thank you again to the RBC Blue Water Project and the RBC staff for helping to make our 2015 park naturalization program possible!

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