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Gathering on the Green Tree Sale

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 Web Reporter: Irina Chulkova


This year’s spring tree planting and tree sale season has come to an end. ReForest London has been busy helping  to make it easier for Londoners to buy and plant trees to contribute to a greener and healthier London.

On June 6, 2015 ReForest London and Victoria Public School co-hosted a tree sale while celebrating community spirit at Gathering on the Green- an annual outdoor festival organized by the Old South Community Organization


From opening to close, staff and volunteers were busy selling trees, helping those who pre-ordered trees and providing information to the public. At the end of the day an impressive 106 trees were found new homes in our community. This year in addition to regular native trees like White Oak or Red Maple, Londoners were offered fruit trees, including Golden Delicious Apple and Choke Cherry to plant in their yards.




Phil stopped by the booth to chat about volunteer opportunities and let us take a photo of him holding a tree.




Notably, an even more impressive number of people stopped by learn about ReForest London projects, volunteering and public tree planting opportunities. Neighbour and teacher Erin McClenaghan and her daughter, came to learn about various native species and to inquire about the most appropriate trees for their yards. The McClenaghans,  inspired by a conversation with a ReForest London volunteer, decided to go home with a Smooth Serviceberry that day. 




Erin McClenaghan and her daughter,“We want to attract more birds and butterflies in our garden”




Elizabeth Skirving and Frank Franchetto came to take home pre-ordered trees. “We purchased two Dogwoods, a Birch, a Serviceberry and a Tamarack because they are native to our area. We would like to add native plants to our garden and yard.”