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Ecole Elementaire Marie Curie plants shade trees

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Students, staff and parent volunteers at Ecole Elementaire Marie Curie planted 7 new shade trees and over 20 shrubs in their schoolyard on May 13, 2015. 

This project was part of the school's participation in the School Community Tree Challenge. Vice Principal Maryse Heroux assisted with project planning and overseeing the planting event. Adding shade to this busy schoolyard was a main priority of the school team. The school building underwent a large renovation in recent years, and the exposed south-facing and very sunny classrooms will benefit from the shade that these trees will one day provide. In addition, 3 of the trees were planted adjacent to the Kindergarten courtyard to add shade to the play area.

Parent volunteers, staff and students helped to prepare the garden beds prior to planting day. Students worked hard digging and removing sod from the planting sites. Heroux updated us with photos (you can check them out on the school's Twitter feed here).


Little Creek Tree Services provided the 7 beautiful large trees and the shrubs for the yard. Their crew assisted with setting the trees and ensuring trees were well planted. We are also grateful for their manpower in helping us chip through layers of rock with a pick-axe. Some jobs are just better left to the experts! 


ReForest London Project Leader Gabriele Sanio led students in a brief lesson about planting native species and demonstrated how to plant trees and shrubs. Students also assisted with mulching and watering the new plants and a great day was had by all. Some students enjoyed the day so much they wanted to stay outside and help for the duration. We love to see such enthusiasm for tree planting! 

Participating in the School Community Tree Challenge was also a part of the school's commitment to their Eco-Schools project and goals. In addition to the schoolyard trees, Marie Curie students have been raising over 300 young seedlings this winter and spring to be sold and planted in their community. Great job all around. It's been a pleasure working with you all! Merci! We hope you enjoy your trees for years to come. 

Special thank you to Lanktree Tree Services for their donation of woodchips, and to Little Creek Tree Services for their support during planting. 

This project was generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Arcangelo Rea Foundation, Union Gas, and by fundraising efforts at Ecole Elementaire Marie Curie. Thank you to all who supported this initiative.