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Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee members do the behind-the-scenes planning, working, and organizing necessary to make our organization a success. There are various Committee Member roles, including: Fundraising, Marketing and Outreach, Finance and Audit, Governance and Nominating, as well as Trees Committee Member. 

Marketing and Outreach Committee Member

  • Skills in communication and marketing is an asset 
  • Promoting a vision of a well-treed community to London and beyond
  • Developing campaigns to promote activities 
  • Supports our website and annual report 
  • Creating new ways to engage the community with ReForest London 
  • Time commitment: 8-10 meetings per year 

Finance and Audit Committee Member

  • Professional accounting designation background
  • Ensure that funds are spent according to donor wishes
  • Ensure that financial policies ensure security of funds
  • Improving financial management
  • Make recommendations to the Board about budgeting, asset management, financial management, audits, internal controls, and risk management
  • Time commitment: 6-8 meetings per year 

Governance and Nominating Committee Member

  • Experience in a board, governance or policy development
  • Responsible for recruiting and engaging board members
  • Evaluating board and Executive Director performance
  • Creating policies
  • Monitoring progress on the boards Strategic Plan
  • Time commitment: Meetings on a monthly basis (10 meetings per year) 

Trees Committee Member

  • Educates the Board on London’s urban forest surrounding deliberations and strategic planning
  • Develops related policy and guidelines
  • Assesses and reports the Board on the effectiveness of planting programs and aftercare by ReForest London
  • Stewards and reports to the Board on planting progress towards the Million Tree Challenge
  • Time commitment: 6-8 meetings per year 


ReForest London Orientation training
This is our basic introduction training for all volunteers who are interested in getting more involved with our organization. This training session familiarises you with our organization, our goals, and provides information on our volunteer opportunities. We also introduce you to native trees and how to plant them. We ask new volunteers to take this class before continuing on to other training sessions.

  • ReForest London Orientation consists of one 1 hour classroom session.
  • You do NOT need to take this Orientation to be able to participate in our Tree Planting and Aftercare events, it is only necessary for the volunteer roles listed below.
  • Check out the Powerpoint Presentation before or after the training for more information.

Previous experience in the area relevant to the committee 


  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Flexible, used to dealing with multiple projects at a time
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office Programs
  • Able to work individually and as a team
  • Capable of working with the public 

Other requirements

  • Passionate about the environment and bringing the community together
  • Believes in ReForest London’s vision 

To apply
Please send [email protected] an email outlining your interest, relevant experience and attach a resume if comfortable. Also please complete our volunteer application form indicating "committee member" as an area of interest. 

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