Choosing the Right Tree!

Not sure what tree to choose to plant in your yard?


This webpage has some resources and information to use to help you select the best tree for your property!


1. Click here to download "A Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Tree for Your Yard", a booklet created by ReForest London to help you identify the conditions in your backyard and how to choose the best tree. This booklet is family-friendly and can be completed with the help of your children! It is also suitable for beginner gardeners. 


2. Once you know the conditions in your yard, you can select a tree!

Below is a chart with most of the tree species ReForest London is offering this spring. The chart lists each tree's preference for the amount of sunlight required, soil type, and soil moisture levels. 


New: We've got some trees not shown on the above list: 


Choke Cherry
Pagoda Dogwood
Elderberry, Red 
Honey Locust 
Red Oak
White Oak
Witch Hazel
White Pine 


Additional resources for choosing a tree for your yard: