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Celebrating MTC & Partners

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Million Tree Challenge

Toast to Trees

Above: A 'champagne' toast to the Million Tree Challenge and everyone who supports this imporant initiative are left to right: Frank Pyka, Dean Sheppard, Vanessa Dolishny, Julie Ryan, Ivan Lister, Mayor Matt Brown and Steve Hemphill.

This year's A Toast to Trees reception was a joyous celebration of London's Million Tree Challenge and the Million Tree Challenge Partners, funders, volunteers and organizations that do so much to support a greener, healthier London.

Held at Goodwill’s larger reception area for the first time, guests enjoyed the one room location for the program, various activities, delicious food and drink and networking with diverse but like-minded individuals. Mayor Matt Brown speaking

London is so lucky to have 190 caring Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge - Partners ranging from small businesses, non-profits organizations and community groups to institutions, media outlets, and large corporations. It’s amazing at this event to see and hear about many of the great things going on to help make London a better place to call home.

Thank you ScotiaMcLeodMany MTC Partners stepped up this year to sponsor aspects of this reception, making it more enjoyable and affordable. We are grateful to everyone who sponsored A Toast to Trees. These generous Partners are: ScotiaMcLeod, Horizon Leadership Institute, TLC Landscaping, Clintar, Siskinds LLP, London District Energy and Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture. We are also grateful to Warpaint Media for editing together our Why Are Trees Important to You video, to Toboggan Brewing Company for the tasty beer keg on tap, and Bonafide Events Studio for the lovely table décor.

We are also grateful to all our amazing volunteers who donate their time and passion to help the cause. A special thank you goes out to Jessica Faria, chair, and the rest of the ReForest London events committee who helped to organize this event over the past year. Thanks also to all the volunteers who gave their time on the day to make this event go off without a hitch.Jessica and Kathryn

The program part of the reception was excellent with inspiring comments delivered by Mayor Matt Brown who told his own personal tree story. Mayor Brown is a big supporter of making London a healthier city. Also speaking was MTC steering committee chair, Frank Pyka who delivered a wonderful tribute to Partners in the Million Tree Challenge and mentioned many different specific initiatives the Partners have done towards this important initiative. Reforest London’s executive director, Dean Sheppard spoke about MTC Partners, event sponsors, MTC funders and their support and also talked about ReForest London’s tenth anniversary.

Mayor Matt BrownAgain this year we had some fun activities for guests including a photo booth, Test Your Tree IQ, and our Twitter feed contest. Of course the wonderful jazz music of the Tony DeLuca Trio filled the room with hip jazz sounds making the atmosphere a most enjoyable one. 

Thank you to Goodwill for the wonderful space, Neil Burnett at Edgar & Joe’s Café for the food, staff and coordination and to Lisa Mercer from Snapd London and Jordan Detmers for the event photography.


A new addition to the program this year was a formal ‘champagne’ toast to the Million Tree Challenge and continued success and thanks to all who are making it happen. With this addition, this event truly became A Toast to Trees. 

 Cameron Vanessa & Ulyana  Test Your Tree IQ
 Tony DeLuca Trio  Yummy passed apps
 Hanaa  Jen & Cynthia
 Dean talking about RFL's 10th  Joe Julie & Erin
 Rick Ed & Denver  Sheila Patrick & Dee
 Nathan Mayor Brown & Rob  Veronica Graham & Fiona
 Rob Amber & Jim  John Nicole & Justin
 Jack Nicole & Art  Cameron Brett & Vanessa
 Geoff Elaine & Dean  Frank Dean & Vanessa
 Cynthia Hanaa Jessica & Kathryn  Jen Skylar Nicole & Amanda
 Brianne Bryn & Ulyana  Tree atmosphere