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York Street and Wellington Street Planters

Project type: 
Greening the Core

Officials from the City of London, the London Downtown Business Association, and ReForest London celebrated the planting of new trees in London’s core, Two new planters were created this summer: one, along York at Clarence, contains five Ginkgo trees and many shrubs and plants. The other is along Wellington at King and contains two new trees and many plants.

The event also marks a successful partnership among the City of London, ReForest London, the London Downtown Business Association, and the Richard and Beryl Ivey Fund at London Community Foundation. The groups contributed funding, expertise, and organizational support to this project.

“As Londoners, we want to ensure The Forest City remains green, and this planter project is a great way to introduce additional trees and green spaces into our downtown area,” says Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best.”

“The LDBA is proud to partner with ReForest London and the City to work cooperatively in the beautification of the core,” said Bob Usher, Chairperson of the London Downtown Business Association.

“Trees clean our air and soften our urban centres, making them more walkable,” said Julie Ryan. “We’re delighted to be part of such a positive project for downtown London.”

The planter boxes were constructed under general contractor Green Side Up, and contain irrigation, rich soil, and a thick layer of mulch.

Studies from the US Forest Service and Dr. Kathleen Wolf of the University of Washington demonstrate that in addition to the many environmental benefits, there are other important reasons to plant trees in urban centres:

  • People are more likely to shop at retail locations with trees, and perceive the value of goods at these stores to be higher.
  • Trees promote a higher sense of safety and well-being, and increase pedestrian and bicycle traffic in urban areas.
  • Trees increase commercial, retail, and residential real estate values.

2 large shade trees and 2 serviceberries were planted

2 large shade trees and 2 serviceberries were planted along York Street at Clarence

A large planter box of concrete

A large planter box of concrete was constructed to give the trees plenting of soil volume. The planter is irrigated and well mulched.


Partners of the project included the City of London (represented by Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and Councillor Judy Bryant, the London Downtown Business Assocation (reprresented by Bob Usher, the Richard and Beryl Ivey Fund at London Community Foundation, and ReForest London (represented by Dean Sheppard).


Local media covered our celebration, shown here being interviewed by Rogers television is ReForest London Vice-Chair Dean Sheppard.

bob usher

Bob Usher, Chair of the London Downtown Business Association, spoke of the need for trees to beautify the downtown,

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best spoke of the role of community partners in improving the downtown.