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Workshops & Webinars - Signal Boost Initiative

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Through the Signal Boost Initiative, the ReForest London is pleased to host and support 141 free or low-cost environmental events over three years through the new Westminster Ponds Centre. In partnership with the London Environmental Network, dozens of environmental organizations in London will lead public education events and volunteer training sessions in the Westminster Ponds Centre’s new Volunteer Training Centre.

The goals of the Signal Boost Initiative are simple. Firstly, by dramatically increasing the number of educational opportunities that are available in London, we hope to inspire individuals to deepen their understanding of environmental issues, and mobilize them to scale up their actions, so that we start to see the significant changes that are needed to move the needle on our most pressing environmental concerns.

Secondly, by offering a free venue, financial and staff support, we are building up the environmental sector in London, by providing the opportunity to local organizations to spread an important message or provide a service to the public, or build the skills of their volunteer base.

The Volunteer Training Centre will be a space dedicated to community collaboration and interactive learning that is anticipated to be renovated and ready to use in 2020. In the meantime, in light of the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events are currently moving ahead through online platforms.

If you are interested in hosting an event or have any questions, contact Kelsey Nicholls at, or call 519-936-9548 x 222.


Upcoming Events:

Biking to Work

Wednesday, July 15 from 1-2 pm with London Cycle Link

Join London Cycle Link staff Daniel and Taylor, where they will provide you with the confidence you need to give cycling to work a try. They will answer your pressing questions and provide some practical advice that they've picked up after decades of riding to work. For more information, click here.

 Biking to Work

Full Day Permaculture Workshop (in person)

Sunday, July 26 with Wild Craft Permaculture and Three Acre Permaculture

This workshop will introduce you to the concept and theory of permaculture, and provide practical tools to start applying it in yoru garden, life and community. This is an in-person workshop at the Westminster Ponds Centre, and there will be a limit of 8 people. Registration details coming soon. 


Full Day Permaculture

Wild Foods with Growing Chefs! Ontario

Thursday, July 30 from 7-8 pm with Growing Chefs! Ontario

We will discuss how to forage safely and sustainably, tips for identifying plants using your senses, and then prepare a delicious recipe using foraged ingredients! Feel free to cook along with us in your own kitchen. For more information, click here

 Wild Foods with Growing Chefs! Ontario


Past Events:

Fruit & Nut Tree Webinar

Tuesday, April 21st at 6 pm with Jessica Robertson of Wild Craft Permaculture

If you have edible fruit or nut trees on your property, you likely know the joys of growing your own food, creating pollinator-friendly spaces, seeing gorgeous spring blossoms, and having trees that don't take up too much space. This is a webinar made for those who have or care for fruit or nut trees, or for people who want to learn more about urban agriculture. In this webinar, you will learn basic pruning, pest control and tree maintenance. To request the recording, email Kelsey at


Peach tree

Sustainable Development Goals & the Business Sector

Tuesday, April 28th at 10 am

Join David Billson (rTraction) and Marianne Griffith (Green Economy London) to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and how they apply to the business sector. Find out how you can ensure your business is aligning with the goals to help build a better community. There will be a short presentation, followed by a Q&A and interactive breakout discussions. All welcome - please share with your friends and colleagues! To request the recording, email Kelsey at


Sustainable Development Goals & the Business Sector

Native Plant Gardening 101

Tuesday, April 28th at 6 pm with Rebecca Launchbury, Stewardship Coordinator at Thames Talbot Land Trust

Native plant gardening is becoming more and more popular as we realize the benefits of planting the species that naturally grow around us. But it can be challenging to know where to start. At this webinar, we’ll start with the basics: what are native plants and why should you choose them for your garden? We’ll introduce you to some great plant choices for sun and shade, wet and dry areas, and pollinator favourites, as well as tips for establishing and caring for your native plant garden. Although the principles of native plant gardening can be used anywhere, this webinar will focus on plants native to Southwestern Ontario. To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Native Plant Garden

General Tree Care Webinar

Tuesday, May 5th at 6 pm with Jake Martell, Tree Specialist with ReForest London

This webinar provides a basic level of knowledge regarding tree care, including planting, mulching, disease prevention an dmunicipal tree bylaws. You will leave knowing how to identify the most common tree diseases and pests and how to treat them. You will also learn how to properly water your trees and where to find more information on tree care. To request the recording, email Kelsey at

General Tree Care Webinar

Volunteers Going Digital!

Thursday, May 7th at 12 pm with Canadian Freshwater Alliance

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many environmental initiatives are at stake because of social distancing guidelines resulting in the cancellation of in-person events, workshops, and meetings. As a result, volunteer opportunities are changing rapidly. However, digital organizing and online engagement are vital tools that, when used effectively, can have an enormous impact. Join the Canadian Freshwater Alliance to learn about how you can help protect and defend the places you love, all from home.

Volunteers Going Digital!

Herp Helpers: All About Frogs and Toads

Tuesday, May 12th at 6 pm with Darby Alderson, Schools Program Coordinator at Thames Talbot Land Trust

Herpetofauna, or herps for short, are reptiles and amphibians, which in our region includes frogs and toads, salamanders, snakes, turtles, and a lizard. At our first “Herp Helpers” webinar we’re focusing on frogs and toads of London and surrounding area. You’ll learn how to do a simple frog survey, including identifying different frogs and toads by sight and sound, where and when to survey, and what information to record. Once you’re trained up, you’ll be ready to become a citizen scientist and help us learn more about the herps that live in our nature reserves. To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Wood Frog

Native Plant Gardening for Wildlife

Thursday, May 14th at 6 pm with Rebecca Launchbury, Stewardship Coordinator at Thames Talbot Land Trust

Take a deeper dive into the world of native plants and learn how to cultivate a garden that will buzz with the sounds of birds, bees, butterflies, and more. We’ll explore some plant choices for attracting and supporting different species, wildlife friendly gardening practices, and extras such as bird feeders and water features. Although the principles of native plant gardening can be used anywhere, this webinar will focus on plants native to Southwestern Ontario. To request the recording, email Kelsey at


Cook with Us: Curried Caulliflower Soup

Sunday, May 31 from 3-4 pm. Presented by Grow Cook Learn with Marlene Cornelis of 

This interactive webinar will guide participants through the steps of preparing a delicious soup recipe, which you can make alongside the instructor in real time! In addition, you’ll learn the basic elements of soup making, so you can go forward with the confidence to make soup out of what you have, without needing to rely on a recipe. To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Curried Cauliflower Soup


Seeds to Forest 101: All About Native Trees

Monday, June 8 from 6:30-7:15 pm with Juliana DeNardi from ReForest London

Have you noticed the trees blooming around you lately? In addition to being beautiful additions to our neighbourhoods, they provide so many benefits to humans and the environment. Join us for this free family-friendly webinar to help you learn why our urban forest is so important! To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Seeds to Forest 101

Seeds to Forest 201: Choosing the Right Tree

Thursday, June 11 from 6:30-7:15 pm with Juliana DeNardi from ReForest London

Are you looking at adding a new tree to your yard? This free webinar is designed for family members of all ages to learn how to choose the perfect tree for your yard, together. This is a great way to involve your kids in gardening and apply science skills in the real world! To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Seeds to Forest 201

Zero Waste 101: How to Live Plastic Free

Wednesday, June 17 from 6-7 pm. Presented by Reimagine Co.

Join us for a presenation and open discussion about taking the journey to reduce our waste. We will be covering the basics of zero waste and how you can make small (or big!) changes to make less trash. Despite the changes that COVID has brought, there is still a LOT that we can all do each day to reduce our waste and live more sustainably. To request the recording, email Kelsey at

Zero Waste 101

Permaculture 101: Resilient & Regenerative Design

Saturday, June 20 from 10 am-12 pm with Jessica Robertson of Wild Craft Permaculture

Believe it or not, it is possible to grow food and regenerate the environment in a yard of any size, and it may be easier than you think! Join Jessica to learn about the permaculture approach to food and medicine production, with a focus on perennial plants and holistic system design. To request the recording, email Kelsey at


Permaculture 101

Creating Pollinator Pathways

Tuesday, June 30 from 7-8 pm with Pollinator Pathways Project

The best time to start a pollinator garden is now! In this interactive online workshop, the Pollinator Pathways Project team will share an introduction to pollinators and creating pollinator-friendly gardens in the city. To request the recording, email Kelsey at


Creating Pollinator Pathways

Composting 101

Wednesday, July 8 from 7-8 pm with TREA

Join Caitlyn Lyons, a member of TREA, to discuss the types of  composters that exist, how they work, how to use the finished product, and the benefits for the environment. To request the recording, email Kelsey at


 Composting 101


We gratefully acknowledge our program sponsor the Ontario Trillium Foundation.