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Wizards Work Their Video Magic for Trees

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

Wizard of Video shoot fall 2013
“Trees are so important to us and we'll do whatever we can to get more into the ground!” states Kate Rhodes, president of Wizards of Video, a Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge.There are many ways to be an engaged Partner in the Million Tree Challenge (MTC).One important way is the donation of in-kind skills and services.

Wizards of Video have been incredibly supportive of ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge for years. They donate thousands of dollars’ worth of their time and expertise to create videos to promote ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge, and here is the latest MTC video.

“Geoff and I have been involved with ReForest London since about 2006.” Kate Rhodes notes. “We feel so strongly about supporting our environment and are total tree huggers. We came out to a few plantings and then offered to make a video to raise awareness about the awesome work RFL does. “We are committed to supporting our community.” Rhodes said. “We love the grass roots feel that RFL has, and that any contribution you make, whether it's tree planting, mulching and after care, to manning a booth and producing videos  it makes a difference, so RFL is a perfect fit for us. Geoff and I have learned so much about our community by attending plantings, and producing the videos. Londoners care so much about trees and our environment. It feels so good to spend time with these people and listen to their stories about their love of trees.”Kate and Geoff Rhodes

Wizards of Video have been in business for over 30 years, producing videos (primarily training) for
a wide range of clients from the Petrochemical industry, manufacturing, to food and healthcare. They also produce online training and custom eLearning. Wizards of Video is a four-person operation:  Chuck and Gail Rea started the company, Kate has been with the company for 19 years, and Geoff for 12 years. One of their biggest projects is the London Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards, which they have been producing since 1997.

Kate volunteering at a tree planting“People should always recognize that their skills and knowledge can go a long way to helping others.” Rhodes said, “Being able to donate our video work to the Million Tree Challenge feels great because it's helping spread awareness of the challenge and it isn't taking away funding that is better suited to getting more trees in the ground.”

We’re lucky to have Wizards as an MTC partner. They are committed to making a difference in London- a difference for the future. “Becoming a partner in the MTC shows that you are a good corporate citizen, and it's so easy to support!  It isn't about necessarily providing funding. You can donate your services like we do.” Kate Rhodes said, “And there's no such thing as a bad idea. We have so many creative people in this city and I truly believe there are all kinds of great ideas out there, you just have step up and do it. It's very simple.”

Thank you so much to Wizards of Video for their tremendous support of ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge.