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WINMAR London, State Farm and The Co-operators Support the Million Tree Challenge

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

In celebration of spring 2013, WINMAR London wanted to do something to help support London’s Million Tree Challenge and also create a fun, friendly competition within the State Farm offices and The Co-operators offices in London. 
WINMAR London and The Cooperators
Krystie Martin, marketing representative at WINMAR London spearheaded a spring tree growing challenge. “Every little bit helps and together we can help London reach the ultimate goal of a million new trees.” Martin said and her challenge became a reality when she sent out this message to London State Farm and The Co-operators offices:  Spring has finally arrived! Let’s celebrate by helping support London’s Million Tree Challenge. WINMAR London would like to create a fun competition…with a ‘Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring’ Tree Growing Campaign. Each office will receive a tree and the office with the largest tree on the last day of spring will win a free catered lunch of your choice.

Martin notes, “At the beginning of spring, I visited each State Farm and Co-operators office in London and asked if they would like to participate in this wonderful campaign to help support our community. Each office received a small swamp maple tree with an average height of 30.4 inches.” Separate contests were held for both the State Farm offices and The Co-operators offices. The deadline for the challenge was the first day of summer.

WINMAR purchased the 40 maple saplings that they distributed to participants. Martins says, “I found some offices were at first a little hesitant at having a tree in their offices for the spring but after a couple months they commented how much they really enjoyed and had a lot of fun with the competition.” Taking ownership and caring for the trees developed in many a new sense of caring for trees and a better understanding of their importance. It was a creative way to raise awareness of London’s Million Tree Challenge and how we should all be planting for our future.
During WINMAR’S tree growing challenge Martin notes, “Many offices would communicate back and forth and share pictures of their tree to show how fast and great the tree was growing,” Martin said. “Many jokes were also exchanged as to which office would take home the grand prize.” Each office found a spot to plant the tree  and staff at WINMAR made sure that any leftover trees were taken home and planted and Krystie Martin also dropped six healthy maples off to ReForest London for use in a park planting.

The winner for Co-operators is The Co-operators London Claims unit at 291 King Street with their tree’s final height registering in at 57 inches tall. The State Farm winner is Kathryn Getliffe’s State Farm office on 3039 Wonderland Rd. S. Their tree measured in at 70 inches. WINMAR is celebrating together with each winner at their luncheons. Congratulations to all participants from State Farm and The Co-operators and thank you for registering your trees at!. Thank you to WINMAR London for thinking up such a creative way to get trees in the ground. Martin notes, “The tree growing challenge went very well! And we received so much great feedback from all the offices.”

Photo caption:
WINMAR’S Tree growing challenge winners from The Co-operators London Claims unit  pose for a photo with their winning tree that was planted in the yard of one of The Co-operators staff.
Krystie Martin – left from WINMAR London