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Wilton Grove PS

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Fall 2007

Students at Wilton Grove Public School planted an outdoor classroom at their school. Five trees are planted in a circle and surrounded with shrubs. Wooden logs or large stones are placed in front of the trees as benches for seating. The entire area is mulched with woodchips to complete the outdoor room. At first several students were confused as to where the desks would go, but as the project progressed, everyone began to see how the "room" worked.

About 480 students helped throughout the day, planting trees and shrubs and spreading mulch. It was a gorgeous fall day, and the trees will add much needed shade to this playground.

Many students helped throughout the day.


These girls named their shrub.


Principal Rick VanMannen loosened the soil with a pick axe.


Students help place the tree.


The soil is filled back in around the tree.

A huge pile of woodchips was spread around.

Group shot of a almost-finished project -- the log benches were placed later.