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Whisperwood Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

With a fantastic hill for winter fun, Whisperwood Park is a cherished spot in its neighbourhood.  This sparsely treed hill side was chosen for planting because of erosion and stability concerns (an adjacent slope had failed before), since established tree and shrub roots are known to reduce erosion and improve overall slope stability.  The tree planting plan took local recreational interests into account and left a middle section of the hillside treeless.

Planting at Whisperwood Park took place on two different dates with two different groups of great people.  On May 12th, the left section of the slope was planted by 85 volunteers, many of which were Libro employees and their families, high school students, and other caring members of the community.  With so many hands doing the work, we were able to plant 390 trees and shrubs in just 3 hours!  An impressive feat, especially with so many trips up and down the hill on such a warm day!  On May 16th, teachers and students from Matthews Hall Independent School provided the person-power to plant 120 trees and shrubs on the other side of the hill.  Four representatives from Libro including Branch Manager Terry Marcoccia also lent a hand with the planting this day, and brought snacks and drinks for the whole crew.

A big thanks to Libro Financial for their generosity in financial support, volunteers and help with this project! Libro chose to support this park planting to celebrate their newest branch opening at 919 Southdale Road.