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Westmount P.S. & Woodland Heights P.S. Schoolyard Greening - May 15th

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

On May 15th, ReForest London visited Westmount Public School and Woodland Heights Public School to continue our “Seeds to Forest” program! On this visit, we planted trees in the schoolyards, to strengthen the natural environment, provide shade, and green the schoolyards.

At Westmount Public School, students helped to plant a couple of large native tree species including a beautiful Silver Maple tree. The Silver Maple is a faster-growing native tree, and will quickly become large enough to provide lots of shade in the schoolyard for students! Westmount students demonstrated great cooperation and hard work to plant the trees and conduct aftercare tasks which included adding mulch and watering the trees. Each group also made a pledge to care for the trees in the future.

We then visited Woodland Heights Public School, to plant trees with their junior students. The planting was a great success, with all of the students taking turns to dig and create plans to take care of the trees in the future. Students at Woodland Heights planted a Silver Maple, Bur Oak, and Hackberry tree, which are all native tree species which will provide environmental and educational benefits for the students while also supporting the local ecosystems in London. Bur Oak and Hackberry are great schoolyard trees as they are very tolerant of urban conditions and soil compaction.

Thank you to Westmount Public School and Woodland Heights Public School for participating in the “Seeds to Forest” program, and sharing your enthusiasm for nature with us! We are excited to conduct the “Seeds to Forest” program with schools across London and Middlesex, to support environmental education and the addition of trees in our schoolyards! Classes join us for 4 workshops to learn about their trees and the urban forest.  Following their planting, students will attend an educational tree hike at ReForest London to cap off their year.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, City of London TreeMe Neighbourhood Matching Fund, the Arcangelo Rea Family Foundation, and TD Friends of the Environment for supporting our “Seeds to Forest” program.