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Westminster Ponds III - June 23, 2016

Project type: 
10,000 Trees for the Dingman

On Wednesday June 22, 2016, ReForest London was joined by a small but energetic team from PwC for a planting project at Westminster Ponds. Westminster Ponds is 100 hectares of natural area containing 6 major ponds and many smaller ones, making it one of the largest and most loved Environmentally Significant Areas in London.

Thanks to the team's hard work, we were able to plant 150 native tree and shrub species in the Environmentally Significant Area - that's 60 more than the average per person for a planting event! The new trees and shrubs will help to restore and increase the natural buffer on this site that was previously for dumping of construction fill. Thank you PwC for helping to restore this site!

Special shout-out to Amanda, Jacob and Tyler, summer students with ReForest London, for their amazing hole-digging abilities in the tough, clay soil!