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Two Industrial Property Owners Step Up for a Greener London

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

Rapid Binding & Laminating and Longo Custom Kitchens & Woodwork are neighbouring London industrial property owners who have decided to do a naturalization project on their land and take advantage of current subsidies offered through a TD Green Streets grant.TD Green Streets logo

Gary Harness of Rapid Binding & Laminating understands the value of tree planting and the benefits that brings. Harness said, “I was reading the Business London magazine and noticed the ad for planting on industrial land and that there were subsidies available. I know London’s Forest City brand is important and I’ve seen promotion for London's Million Tree Challenge.” 

Both business are located in south east London on Charterhouse Crescent. “We have some dead space around the building - perfect for planting some trees.” Harness noted, “The support of TD made it look more attractive to me. There are a lot of trees coming, around 100, and the City will be planting several large boulevard trees that I know went a lot faster because it is through this program.”Aerial view of industrial planting site

Tree planting events can be a lot of fun and a team building experience too. “We’ll be inviting our staff and families to come out and help and we hope to do the planting through the week later in the day so we can finish with a BBQ.” Harness said, “We've let customers know about it and have also given some neighbouring businesses that are more environmentally conscious the info about it.”

Nathan Lundrigan, industrial project leader for ReForest London said, "Gary and Joe have shown a true commitment and grasp of vision in adopting a naturalization project that straddles a shared property line. I have enjoyed collaborating with them in the design of a planting that addresses both of their needs and finds a more progressive use for an unused parcel of land." 

Thanks to Rapid Binding & Laminating and Longo Custom Kitchens & Woodwork for being early adopters of this industrial land planting program. This naturalization will grow quickly and save the time and effort of mowing the grass. It will help clean the air, lower their heating and cooling costs, increase property values and make London a greener city, and of course the trees planted will count toward London’s Million Tree Challenge.

Rapid Binding & Laminating does finishing work for printers and corporate clients, but also they do work for local writers and people self-publishing books. They also laminate book covers, menus, trade show material and other such items. Longo Custom Kitchens & Woodwork design, manufacture, finish and install custom kitchens.

“The subsidy helped a lot!” Gary Harness said, “There are many lawns and green spaces in this area and hopefully this industrial planting will keep going.”

To find out more about industrial land tree planting and the subsidies available, click here or contact Nathan Lundrigan at 226-700-8412 or