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Trees & the City

Tree Protection By-law

The Tree Protection By-law took effect in August 2016. This by-law protects our trees in two ways, by protecting trees within “Tree Protection Areas”and protecting “Distinctive Trees”, trees with a DBH ≥50cm. Trees that fall under either of the categories are protected from damage or injury caused by any person without a permit. 

If you think someone is in violation, call or email the City of London’s Tree Protection office:  519-661-2500 ext. 4457 or


Boulevard Tree Protection By-law

The Boulevard Tree Protection By-law protects any tree located on a boulevard from damage or injury. For the sake of this by-law, a boulevard consists of the City of London road allowance that is not otherwise occupied by sidewalk, driveway, travelled roadway or shoulder. Residents can also request to have a boulevard tree planted and have input on the species from an approved list (Appendix 5); we recommended requesting one of our many native species.

To request a boulevard tree, contact the City of London’s Forestry Office at 519-661-2500 ext. 5783.


Urban Forest Strategy

The City of London has developped an Urban Forest Strategy to help guide them in planting, maintaining and protecting the trees in 'The Forest City'. The strategy has been accompanied by an Implementation Plan to help ensure success through outlining steps to achieving short and longterm goals.




Trees and Forests Advisory Committee

The Trees and Forests Advisory Committee (TFAC) is composed of voting and non-voting members with related expertise representing a variety of organizations as well as members of the public at large. The role of the committee is to advise the Municipality and facilitate public input on matters relating to trees and forests. TFAC's advice falls under three categories: planning & protection, planting & renewal, and Management & Maintenance.