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Tree Sales are a great MTC Partner Activity

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

This past spring, two different Million Tree Challenge Partners hosted successful tree sales – St. Joseph’s Health Care London/London Health Sciences Centre and Old South Community Organization. ReForest London’s new project leader Ben Porchuk took on the responsibility of organizing the tree sales.St Joseph's & LHSC tree sale

The two tree sales this spring offered people the chance to go online at ReForest London’s website and pre-order native trees at an excellent price of $12 and $25 each. This assured people could pick the specific tree they wished. Ben Porchuk notes, “We sold 600 trees at the St. Joseph/LHSC tree sale over two days and 124 trees at the Gathering on the Green one-day event held by Old South Community Organization. Rain threatened at each event but held off as did high winds so the trees stayed very happy.”

Tree species signPeople purchase trees for a diverse range of reasons including: wind breaks, shade, sheer beauty, privacy, increased property values, and for the environment. Porchuk said, “New to the sale this year is Black Gum, an extremely long lived hardwood (in excess of 700 years) that fades to deep purples and reds in the fall.  While Tulip Trees were again the most popular, others that have beautiful flowers and form such as American Basswood, American Beech and Black Cherry were promoted for their value for wildlife.”

Porchuk noted, “Some slow-growing trees like Shagbark Hickory were sold, often taking a little coaxing by volunteers and staff and finding the right person who has the patience to nurture slow-growing trees. Please remember that slow-growing trees need help too and will be large for the next generation.” Slow-growing trees can be used in a garden as a small shrub and as it grows it becomes medium sized sub-canopy. Consult the internet or call a design professional or landscaper for ideas in this regard.
Tree Sale Staff and Volunteers
“A really encouraging sign,” Porchuk explained, “is that many people arrived looking for native trees and a lot of these people knew about the value of planting native trees including adaptation to local climate, support for local butterflies and moths and other crucial insects that feed birds and other animals in the food chain.”

Porchuk said, “A tree to look out for at future sales is the Cucumber Magnolia, our only native magnolia. This tree is gorgeous and will likely be featured in future sales giving the popular Tulip Tree some competition.”

MTC Tree TagsThese sales went well due in large part to the help of our amazing volunteers, Porchuk remarked, “Big thanks go to volunteers Michele Anderson, Jason Bardawill, Mark Fenton, Jason Jordan, Tammy Legresley, Jessica Lompart and Andrei Mutiu.”
Ben Porchuk
Ben Porchuk noted, “I immensely enjoyed the tree sales and there's no way I could have pulled them off without the training from ReForest London’s great staff including Amber, Julie and Sheila. My sights are now on the fall tree sales: UWO Market Sale on September 17, 11 am - 2 pm;  the Friends of Meadowlily Fall Tree Sale on September 28, 1 - 3:30 pm near City Wide Sports Field on Commissioners Road, just east of Highbury Avenue, and the ReForest London Fall Preorder Tree Sale on October 5, 1 - 3 pm."

MTC Partners, if you are looking for a practical way to support London’s Million Tree Challenge, why not consider hosting a tree sale in the Spring of 2014 for your employees, clients and colleagues? You can offer a variety of native trees for sale at great prices, have trees pre-ordered and paid for using the ReForest London website and you can also have trees available for purchase at the sale. It is an excellent way to get staff involved by having them assist with promoting the sale and helping set up and sell trees on the day. We'll even provide you with a promotional poster and help you promote it too. Please look in your Partner Kits, or visit our online version, or contact us for more specific information about hosting a tree sale - a great way to get trees in the ground!

Group photo caption:
Having fun selling trees at the St. Joseph Health Care London/ LHSC spring tree sale are (left to right): David Crockett, co-chair Million Tree Challenge Steering Committee, Amber Cantell, program manager, ReForest London; Tammy Legresley, ReForest London volunteer; Jessica Danard, community engagement coordinator, ReForest London; and Ben Porchuk, project leader, ReForest London. Photos by Sheila Creighton, partnerships and marketing manager, ReForest London.