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Tree Blitzers

Tree Blitzer

"My favourite roles with ReForest London involve talking to people and using my knowledge to help citizens plant trees!" ~ Sonja Teichert

The Neighbourhood Tree Blitz targets the least leafy areas of London. Volunteers go door-to-door with trees in a wagon and plant the trees on residential property directly. Tree Blitzer's aren't afraid to talk to new people and love planting trees. Tree Blitzer training familiarizes our volunteers with various native tree species, how to properly plant a tree and how to canvass. We want you to feel comfortable talking to residents about the value of trees and how to care for trees, and this training will prepare you for that role. 


  • Going door-to-door offering to plant trees on residential properties
  • Assisting homeowners choose the correct tree that is appropriate for their yard
  • Planting trees on the private property of homeowners
  • Keeping track of houses visited

Time Commitment
Assist with two shifts per year (or more).

Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Training (1.5 hour)
At this training you will be given an overview of Tree Blitzer duties, and ReForest London resources, as well as tips on engaging with neighbours and planning neighbourhood events. We discuss native tree species and how to properly select a tree for a yard as well.

  • Time Commitment:This training consists of one 1.5 hour classroom training session.
  • Our Expectations: If you become a Tree Bltizer, we expect you to assist at TWO events a year (but feel free to do more)

Experience with working with the public is an asset. 


  • Comfortable with talking to new people
  • Able to keep good track of data 

Other Requirements

  • Enthusiasm about trees
  • Ability to walk for 2-3 hours

Complementary Roles
If you are interested in this volunteer role then you may also want to check out our CanvasserTree Planter, and Tree Specialist roles. 

To Apply
Please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate “Tree Blitz” as area of interest. If you have any questions, please contact

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