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Three MTC Partners Join Forces For Trees

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Million Tree Challenge

Park PlantingThere is strength in numbers, especially when it comes to London's Million Tree Challenge. KPMG, McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP and TD have joined together to fund and plant a park naturalization project this spring. We're gearing up for spring planting projects and these three MTC Partners are eager to get out and plant with their fellow staff.




 “Community leadership is an important part of KPMG’s firm strategy to help our people develop to their fullest potential,” Katie denBok, senior manager said. “Our people recognize the value of giving back to their communities, and the Million Tree Challenge offers fantastic opportunities to do this! While KPMG engages with the professionals at McKenzie Lake and TD in a corporate setting, this will be our first opportunity to get our hands dirty side by side on an important local community initiative and we are really looking forward to it.”

Growing up in British Columbia’s interior, Katie denBok has always had a passion for trees and green space. Eight years ago when she started at KPMG in London, she volunteered to be their local office sustainability champion. With a committee of like-minded volunteers, denBok has been actively looking for ways to engaged people and give back to the community. “It was in doing research in this role that I came across ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge,” denBok notes, “and I thought it was such a great initiative. Planting trees is important to us because we recognize the benefits trees bring to the community – cleaner air, natural shade, tree houses! – among others."
Park Planting

Katie denBok took her commitment to creating a greener Forest City a step further and became a ReForest London Board member. “When I signed KPMG up to be a Million Tree Challenge Partner, I felt it would be great to spearhead a planting event that would involve more than donating volunteer time to help plant but that would also cover the cost of the trees,” denBok said. “That’s when I went searching for other MTC partners to pair up with. What is great about this team of partners is that often our professionals get together to network in business settings but this is such a great way to get everyone together and do some networking in a completely different setting and make London a greener place at the same time.”

Two great MTC Partners, McKenzie Lake Lawyers and TD enthusiastically accepted denBok’s challenge of a group park planting.

McKenzie Lake“At McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, our commitment to the community is an important part of our culture,” said Laurie Hause, CIO & director of marketing for McKenzie Lake. “Partnering with members of KPMG and TD on the Million Tree Challenge is a great opportunity to give back to the city in which we work and live.  We are proud to support ReForest London in its goal to have the London community plant one million trees and improve our urban forest.” 

Known for their green initiatives across the county, TD is the third MTC Partner in this park plantingTD project.  “Urban forests and green spaces are the core of thriving cities and towns like London – the Forest City. They are the heart of our communities. So that’s why TD employees are proud to be helping to plant trees to grow urban forests locally,” TD community relations manager, Yvette Scrivener said. “We’re looking forward to working with Reforest London and planting alongside great community businesses namely KPMG and McKenzie Lake Lawyers.”

Thank you to Katie denBok at KPMG for organizing this group park planting, scheduled for May 10th with colleagues at TD and McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP. This is a great option for MTC Partners to work together for the community, and what a great team-building event!
Park Planting