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Thames Region Ecological Association, Cartier Public School and Condo Corp 35

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

November 5 , 2005

About 20 volunteers from Condo Corporation 35 and TREA came out on a beautiful November day to weed and mulch existing plants and to plant new trees and shrubs at Mitches Park.  Later, students from Cartier Pubilc School came out to plant acorns and spread more mulch. Mitches Park, located on Upper Queen south of Commissioners Road, is at the headwaters of a tributary to Silver Creek, an important part of the Coves subwatershed.

Mitches Park has had several different projects over the years to protect and to enhance the park in order "to be a park of all things for all people".  It has a children's playground, a soccer pitch, tennis courts, a running track, a toboggan hill and open spaces for kite flying.  It also has remnants of upland woods of sugar maple, beech and cherry.  The eastern edge of the park at one time supported a silver maple swamp that contributed to the baseflow conditions for downstream watercourses.  About 15 years ago it was filled in response to complaints that it was poorly managed and that the habitat had degraded.  In 1997-1998 a restoration project on the landfill included trees, shrubs and an upland meadow to support butterfly habitat.   In recent years more trees have been planted here and along the perimeter of the central open grassed area.

The restoration project for the meadow at the eastern edge has had partial success and needed attention again to improve what is there and to prepare it to ensure that it is on a healthy trajectory for naturalization.  Volunteers sent it back in the right direction with some hard work and new plants. To see the project plan, click here.