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The Tea Haus Raises Money for Trees

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

MTC Partner, The Tea Haus in Covent Garden Market, is celebrating Earth Day by offering their customers the chance to give back to the community by raising money to donate to ReForest London for tree planting in London’s Million Tree Challenge.The Tea Haus

"We want to support local and environmental initiatives. It’s important to do so.” Stefanie Stolzel, The Tea Haus owner said. “I grew up in Germany, where they are really 15-20 years ahead with green environmental practices. The Tea Haus believes in social responsibility and continuing to support our local community and to protect our environment as best as we can.”

Small things add up!  Stolzel notes, “We are going to donate $500 to Reforest London for Earth Day. We still encourage our customers to re-use the small plastic bags that we use to package our teas. For every bag that is re-used, we are donating 5 cents on behalf of our customers. In addition, for every cup of tea that we are selling in bio-degradable to-go cups we are donating 10 cents. By April, that will come to approx. $500 which we will donate on behalf of The Tea Haus’ customers.”

Stefanie Stolzel

Located in the Covent Garden Market for the past 14 years, The Tea Haus has a lot of regular customers who feel it is important to donate to ReForest London. “Typically, when we talk to our customers about these small ways they can help, they all feel it’s important.” Stolzel said, “We participate in a carbon offset program on any business flights, we don’t print receipts unless the customer requires one, our bags are oxy-biodegradable, we compost all the tea leaves, we’ve eliminated plastic water bottles, we recycle packing material, and we’ve used Bullfrog Power since 2008.”

The Tea Haus is also going to play our one minute Million Tree Challenge animation on the monitors in the store. This will give customers a quick overview of the challenge and how they can get involved.
The Tea Haus
Thank you to The Tea Haus for being such a great Million Tree Challenge Partner. This action illustrates that small things do add up – every action makes a difference for the environment. With over 200 types of tea and many beautiful tea accessories, it is worth a visit to the Covent Garden Market to support their Earth Day initiative., 519-679-0129.