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Talltree Park - Sept. 23, 2017

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

Wow - what a day! Volunteers from Fairstone, UWO's off-campus advisors and Cornerstone Architecture were greeted by Councillor Bill Armstrong at the Talltree Park planting. We aren't sure if it was the Lorax cupcakes or the puppies at this planting event that kept them motivated, but the team planted 257 trees and shrubs in 2 hours. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance on such a hot day!

Special shout out to Brian, a local resident who suggested this site and helped make this planting possible. 

"I joined ReForest London primarily to reduce my carbon footprint. I believe global warming is happening, as for the evidence, I think that the oceans are taking the vast majority of the warming. Coral reefs continue to die off and more frequent category 5 hurricanes are difficult to dismiss. 

I want to do my part of being a responsible citizen of this planet. I know as an individual, I am limited in my achievements. But as long as I continue to make small steps, in a responsible direction, when I look back, my list of accomplishments will have continued to grow. 

ReForest London allows me to devote as much time as I prefer. I can progress through the numerous levels of involvement at my own pace, while gaining valuable knowledge. Depending on what my interests are, there are numerous tasks to choose from, that allows me to choose what activities are of interest to me. Finally, the upcoming events page allows me to choose when I have availability and to which locations are closest to me. ReForest London gives me all of these opportunities and the fulfullment that results."  - Brian Liebusch

Thank you to our funders for this project: City of London's Park in Every Ward Project, Brian Liebusch And Nav Canada!