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If you like to write and take digital photos, we have a job for you. We are seeking individuals to attend our tree planting events and write stories about the details of the event and take pictures during the tree planting to upload on our website. We especially need Storytellers for Tree Plantings, Blitzes and Depots in Spring and Fall since staff are very busy monitoring the plantings and have little time to take notes. 


  • Attend tree planting events
  • Write stories about details of the event, take quotes
  • Interview volunteers
  • Recognize donors
  • Take pictures at the event

Time Commitment
Typically Storytellers spend 2 hours at events to collect details and take pictures, plus additional time to write, edit, and upload stories and photos. Minimum of 1-2 stories per year.

ReForest London Orientation (1 hour)
This is our basic introduction training for all volunteers who are interested in getting more involved with our organization. This training session familiarises you with our organization, our goals, and provides information on our volunteer opportunities. We also introduce you to native trees and how to plant them. We ask new volunteers to take this class before continuing on to other training sessions.

  • ReForest London Orientation consists of one 1 hour classroom session.
  • You do NOT need to take this Orientation to be able to participate in our Tree Planting and Aftercare events, it is only necessary for the volunteer roles listed below.
  • Check out the Powerpoint Presentation before or after the training for more information.

Experience with taking digital photos is an asset.


  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Time management skills
  • Reading and writing skills is an asset

Other Requirements

  • Enthusiasm about trees

Complementary Roles
If you are interested in this volunteer role then you may also want to check out our CanvasserTree Teacher, and Community Liaison roles.

To Apply
Please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate “Storyteller” as area of interest.

View PDF Version.