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St. Stephens Park and Wellingsboro Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

Fall 2007

In the fall, we naturalized two areas of St. Stephens Park. Fifty-nine trees and 84 shrubs were planted with the help of 28 volunteers. The unique project created a grove around a mature maple tree. Native trees and shrubs were planted around the tree and a “no-mow” zone was established. In another part of the park, water-loving native trees, plants and forbs were planted in and around a pond.

Approximately 20 volunteers came from the UWO Volunteer Day, and UWO President Dr. Paul Davenport came to plant several trees with the students.

As with other projects ReForest London projects, to protect our “investment” of new trees we manage threats such as weeds and, in particular, invasive alien species. In advance of the planting day, approximately 50 person hours were spent removing buckthorn from the perimeter of St. Stephen’s Park to achieve about a 70% reduction in buckthorn cover at this park. On the planting day, in association with our educational initiative about invasive alien plant species that is funded by Environment Canada, we demonstrated the techniques used in the removal of Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) to the group of UWO volunteers.

This project was funded through the generous support of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.