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St. Michael's Catholic School

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Spring 2008

The students, parents and staff at St. Michael's Catholic School are transforming their schoolyard. In an ambitious plan created by landscape architect Gabrielle Sanio, reading gardens, walking paths, and experimental gardens are planned for this Old North London school.

In this first phase, two new reading gardens were planted. The first centers around a mature Black Walnut tree. Stones, trees and shrubs were arranged around the tree to create a peaceful setting for the students. In an open area, another reading garden was created with berms, trees and shrubs.


Student s helped dig, plant, mulch and water their new trees and shrubs.

The work continued throughout the day.


Girl power!

Josh of VanDenNest Nursery worked with the students.


Digging for treasure.


The students helped to move the trees from the truck to the holes.