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Siemens VDO Automotive

Project type: 
Corporate Sponsored Projects

October 29, 2005 and Spring 2006

More than 200 trees and shrubs were planted on a sunny October morning. Over 30 Siemens employees and their families came out to plant native trees and shrubs in an area of Siemens property that was formerly unused scrub land. A bulldozer prepared the land that has been a vacant lot next to the Siemens employee parking lot for many years. Three circular beds were planted and mulched. The project plan also includes a vernal pool and a walking path.

The Community Partners committee of Siemens VDO launched this impressive project plan to clean up and naturalize a large area on the Siemens property at 1020 Adelaide Street S. Siemens, an international supplier of automotive electronics and mechatronics, owns a large parcel of land on Adelaide Street between Bradley Avenue and the 401. At the initiative of the Community Partners committee, Siemens set aside 1/2 hectare to be naturalized.

The Community Partners group raised $2,250 from the Canadian Auto Workers local 27 and Siemens VDO. ReForest London is matching $2,000 of this money. The Community Parnters group plans to continue to raise money over the winter and will do more plantings, including a wildflower bed, in the spring.

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After a bulldozer smoothed and contoured the soil, compost was mixed in.

This group of Siemens employees and their families worked hard to create a new greenspace.

Project leaders Dave Reid of Siemens and Bill DeYoung of ReForest London discussed the next step of the process.

One of three completed beds, planted with about 60 trees and shrubs and mulched with woodchips donated by the City of London.

The soil was amazingly hard and full of clay. Each tree planted was a labour of love!

Protecting the new plants with mulch is an important part of every project.

Delivering another load of mulch to the new naturalization area.