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Scientific name: Amelanchier spp.

The Serviceberry is native to Canada and found across this country from shore to shore. Of the 16 serviceberry species, 10 of these are native to Canada. Every province is home to at least one of these species! This spring-blossoming, berry-bearing plant can be small trees to shrub-like in size. 

Serviceberries are widely used as a landscape tree and provide browse food for wildlife. The leaves are yellow-green and allow cool, filtered light down to the understorey in summer. In fall, these leaves put on an incredible display of red. The berries can be harvested and used in jams and pies. Aboriginal Peoples used the berries in pemmican, a mix of berries, minced dried meat, and fat.  

Want to plant one?

Partial sun and dry soil are the best conditions for serviceberries. However, it is a good idea to do a bit of research regarding the exact requirements of your serviceberry species.