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School Community Tree Challenge

Join the School Community Tree Challenge!


The School Community Tree Challenge is a program to inspire London & Middlesex schools to develop and implement tree planting projects for their communities. Through the program, students, teachers, and parents participate in tree planting projects in schoolyards and neighbourhoods, including parks, residential yards, and commercial areas. 

Each school will set a unique goal of planting, growing, selling, or giving away trees. The number of trees per project will vary.

Schools can participate in a “menu” of planting options offered by ReForest London and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Students and the adults they reach will learn about tree benefits, including shading, sun safety, increased outdoor recreational opportunities, ecosystem health, positive mental health, clean air and water, and improved quality of life. 

This program is currently open to any public or private elementary or secondary school in London and Middlesex County. If your school is selected to participate in the Challenge, funding and support will be provided to your group to implement your tree projects. 

Check back soon for information on application deadlines for the 2017/2018 year! 

Click here for School Curriculum Connections, Seedling Growing Handouts, and other learning resources


Here are just a few of the tree projects your school team might participate in: 

Schoolyard naturalizations
Planting a future forest in your schoolyard

Reading Circle / Outdoor Classroom
Creating an outdoor learning space with trees

Shade tree plantings in parks & schoolyards
Adding shade for community benefit

Park naturalization
Planting trees in city-owned parks
Seedling growing
Growing baby trees in your school
Tree sales and giveaways 
Bringing trees to your community
Tree related educational programming 
and learning opportunities

Other unique ideas for your community:
Where would you like to see trees planted?





School Community Tree Challenge

The School Community Tree Challenge is a collaborative program between ReForest London, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, Middlesex London Health Unit, Thames Valley District School Board and London District Catholic School Board.  

This program contributes to London’s Million Tree Challenge, a community-wide initiative to plant one million trees in London. Your school will join over 170 other business, institutions, and community organizations as partners in the Challenge. Your successful tree planting numbers will be added to the online tree counter at, contributing to a greener, healthier future for the Forest City.





 Thank you to our program sponsors!


Ontario Trillium Foundation
The Government of Ontario
CN EcoConexions
Walter J. Blackburn Family Foundation 




Have any questions?  Get in touch!  

Brianne Curry
School Community Tree Challenge Coordinator
519-936-9548 ext 226