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Scene Magazine Promotes Million Tree Challenge

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Million Tree Challenge

Million Tree Challenge Media Partner SCENE Magazine is supporting London's Million Tree Challenge through editorial and regular donated banner advertising! 

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Bret Downe said, "Scene promotes building and sustaining a healthy environment in London, and trees are a very basic and highly effective means of attaining this objective.”

Proud Partner banner SCENE

MTC article SCENETo make London’s Million Tree Challenge a success, the entire community needs to come together to be part of this collaborative project. SCENE Magazine walks the walk and has been very supportive of the Million Tree Challenge by providing a banner ad in each issue since April, 2014.

SCENE coverSCENE has been a mainstay in London entertainment news for 25 years reaching 85,000 readers with each issue. The familiar free editions are located all over the city. SCENE covers a wide variety of topics including news, music, life, arts, movies and the London Music Awards.

Spreading the word about Partnership in London's Million Tree Challenge is valuable and shows great community support. “Trees are an honest-to-goodness bargain," Downe notes, "for a nominal amount of money, time and effort, trees return a variety of highly significant health benefits.”

Doing editorial and donating advertising space is a fantastic Media Partner activity. It really helps get the word out about London’s Million Tree Challenge and shows your support for making London a healthier place for now and the future. The fact that planting more trees is of universal benefit makes it even more important for Partners to be involved. 

Thank you Bret Downe and SCENE Magazine for being part of a greener and healthier London for everyone!