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Saunders Secondary School Wins $25,000 for their Environmental Efforts

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

Staples Canada’s annual Superpower Your School Contest, now in its fifth year, has awarded London’s very own Saunders Secondary School with the prize of $25,000 worth of new technology for their outstanding sustainability and environmental initiatives. 

In collaboration with Earth Day Canada, the nationwide contest was held January 5 to the 31, 2015. Nearly 600 schools from across Canada entered by submitting what initiatives they are doing to save the planet. Ten schools each received a $25,000 prize and Saunders was one of them.

Saunders students in the greenhouse

Saunders has been a silver and gold eco school for a number of years and they have the largest technology department in the Thames Valley District School Board serving a diverse student population (1700+ students) and offering a multitude of pathways.

From the viewpoint of London’s Million Tree Challenge, Saunders students have grown seedlings forPine Seedlings for MTC the Challenge for several years in their beautiful greenhouse and each year they grow more and more and this year, they are growing 800 seedlings to be given out for Londoners to plant in their yards. They have also held a tree sale for the Million Tree Challenge, among their many other environmentally-related actions.

Karin Lawrence, Head of Technology at Saunders happily accepted this award on behalf of the students who have worked very hard. She said, “I’m very proud of what our students have accomplished and continue to do every day. They are becoming environmental advocate who practice what they preach. They fundraise for worthy cause, plant habitats in London parks for butterflies and birds, grow and plant trees in London, clean up their surroundings whether it’s local parks they’ve adopted or a shoreline and they even write letters to advocate for the environment when needed.”

Robert Jamieson, Karin Lawrence, Brock MerrifieldStaples Canada wrote about why Saunders won: Behind Saunders Secondary School is one of the parks they’ve adopted which is in frequent use by students of the school and two elementary schools next door. Saunders construction students are working with local scout troop to build a wheelchair accessible dock at the park’s small wetland area. The Green Industry students are working with the City of London to design planting areas, and grow the native plants selected in their greenhouse, as well they are creating four educational garden plots using native plants for the City’s Growing Naturally Program in Storybook Gardens.

With this $25,000, Karin Lawrence said, “Staples generous donation will enable us to purchase innovative technology for the environmental programs that will enhance the learning experience for our students. Exciting possibilities include purchasing cameras, headphones, pen and tablets, ipads, and a 3D printer.”

Great job Saunders students - congratulations! Thank you for everything you do for the environment and for being part of London's Million Tree Challenege.
Oaks for the MTC