River Forks Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

April 22, 2006 and May 6, 2007

More than 150 native trees and shrubs were planted in 2 large circular planting beds at River Forks Park, in downtown London. The project, led by the Riverforks Neighbourhood Association, drew about 50 volunteers from the neighbourhood and beyond. MPP's Chris Bentley, Deb Matthews and Khalil Ramal joined volunteers to help with this Earth Day planting.

In addition to the planting beds, a new no-mow zone will encircle the beds, allowing grasses and wildflowers to flourish. This will also serve to protect the new beds.

Later in the spring, Riverforks Neighbourhood Association returned to plant a wildflower garden with support from the Julia Hunter Memorial Fund for Public Gardens.

This was ReForest London's first year as part of London's Clean and Green Day.

In 2007, students from Lord Roberts Public School created nodes along river at the Park that look out onto vistas across to the other side of the river.

About 50 volunteers helped plant trees on this beautiful Earth Day event.

Woodchips made for great game playing.

MPP's Deb Matthews, Chris Bentley, and Khalil Ramal dug in and helped plant trees and spread woodchips.

Riverforks Neighbourhood Association organizer Sylvia Curtis-Norcross talks with MPP Chris Bentley and City Councilor Judy Bryant.

Volunteers get a tree-planting lesson from ReForest London's Technical Advisor Bill DeYoung.

The new naturalization area is next to the Naval Prevost fence.

Busy times for all.

MPP Khalil Ramal describes how he helped bring 5,000 new trees to London last year.