Tree Giveaways


You will have one FINAL chance to pick up a free tree from us TONIGHT, October 14, from 4 - 6 pm. Pick ups are first-come, first-served and will be located at our office at 944 Western Counties Road.  


London, we know you love getting FREE TREES! They make your property worth more, give us cleaner air, cooling shade, less stress, food, habitat for wildlife, and beauty. Simply put, trees are amazing, and they make our Forest City a better place to live, work and play.

This September, ReForest London and the City of London will be celebrating National Tree Day by giving away free trees to Londoners to plant on their private property.

This year, we'll be doing things a little differently due to Covid-19. Londoners can still get 1 to 2 free trees per household, but you must pre-order your trees online and come pick them up at your designated time slot. Curbside, contact-free pickup will be at ReForest London (944 Western Counties Rd).

How can you get a tree?

  • Trees are available on a pre-order basis only, using an online order form. We'll post the link right here at 12 pm noon on September 15th!

  • Choose a pickup time on your pre-order form. (No drop-ins please!) 

  • Make an optional donation to ReForest London's programs. Every dollar helps us to plant more trees in parks, schoolyards, and neighbourhoods across London. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

  • Be sure to check your email for your order confirmation, which will have pickup instructions for you.   

  • Pick up your tree at ReForest London (944 Western Counties Road), at your designated pickup time using our safe, contact-free curbside pickup. 

  • Take your tree home, plant it, provide it with regular water, and enjoy it for years to come!

Thank you, London, for improving our city, one tree at a time. 

The City of London is committed to providing accommodations for persons facing accessibility barriers to getting a tree. If you require accommodations, please indicate this on your order form and let us know what your needs are. 

Donations are gratefully accepted online & at pickup times, to support ReForest London's tree planting programs in our community. THANK YOU!




How many trees can you order? 

Residents of the city of London are welcome to order 1-2 trees per household.

What kind of trees are available? 

At our Tree Giveaway events (Tree Depots), we offer trees that are between 3 ft to 7 ft tall. The majority of trees are native our Carolinian region, but we also offer some edible species. Click on the scientific name for more info about each species! 

Common Name Scientific Name
Apple  - Various varieties Malus "domestica"
Aspen - Trembling Populus tremuloides
Birch - Paper (White) Betula papyrifera
Birch - Yellow Betula alleghaniensis
Cherry - Black Prunus serotina 
Cherry - Choke Prunus virginiana
Elderberry - American Sambucus canadensis
Hemlock - Eastern Tsuga canadensis
Fir - Balsam Abies balsamea
Hackberry - Northern Celtis occidentalis
Kentucky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicus
Maple - Red Acer rubrum
Maple - Silver Acer saccharinum
Maple - Sugar Acer saccharum
Nannyberry Viburnum lentago
Oak - Bur Quercus macrocarpa 
Oak - White Quercus alba
Pagoda Dogwood / Alternate Leaf Dogwood Cornus alternifolia
Pear - Various varieties Pyrus sp.
Pine - White Pinus strobus
Redbud - Eastern Cercis canadensis
Serviceberry - Downy Amelanchier canadensis 
Serviceberry - Alleghany Amelanchier laevis
Tamarack Larix laricina
Tulip Tree Liriondendron tulipifera
Walnut - Black Juglas nigra
Witchhazel - Common Hamamelis virginiana

Need some help choosing a tree for your yard?

Check out our resources page here. 


About Our Program

ReForest London has launched a city-wide initiative to provide free trees for residents of London. Through the power of volunteer passion, one-on-one conversations, and getting our hands dirty planting, we have planted and given away over 18,000 trees.

Neighbourhood Tree Depots offer free trees to residents at various locations throughout the city. Over the long term we hope that the residential trees will create a healthy tree canopy and more green infrastructure in London.

40% of the land in London is controlled by individual residential land owners. ReForest London is working to get more trees onto private residential property and you can help by taking a tree and planting it!We want Londoners from all of our diverse communities to take action in creating a more sustainable city through the planting of trees. We will offer free trees to any Londoner who wants to plant one in their yard, plus opportunities to plant in a public park. 

All trees planted as part of the Neighbourhood ReLeaf Program will count towards London's Million Tree Challenge. If you have planted any trees since 2011, please take the time to register them at and be counted! 


If you have any questions about the program, email Brianne Curry, Director of Programs or call 519-936-9548 ex.226 to find out more. Do not email with tree order requests. All tree orders must be placed online.


Our Sponsors

Projects like this would not be possible without the help of our community. We would like to thank the following organizations for their support:


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If you or an organization you work for would be interested in providing financial or in-kind support for this program, please contact Brianne Curry, Director of Programs, at 519-936-9548 x226.